Pure powerful beautiful woman❤️

50% of the ladies that seek my support through our Bespoke Body Awakening Health programs have been through a hysterectomy, or been told they need one, have had fibroids cysts or sexual trauma

all of which we have supported these courageous women to heal or avoid through nature’s nutritional medicine 

I love to hold safe nurturing loving space for women to feel their home again, their heart their love their own power of knowing and loving this body again …

your Yoni (Sanskrit for womb)

your body 

is sacred and precious

a temple for cultivating 

your BLISS

I’ve helped many women restore their WOmanpower body confidence and full hormonal health naturally, it’s possible for anyone through nature’s divine medicine🌿

when we remember the female power we hold, the sacredness, It’s a remembrance back to the mystery schools of sacred sexuality that is one with our innate spirit-ual soul Self, as we clear the past, FREEDOM prevails like wings of love!

Your hormones are SACRED messengers of initiation to higher states of consciousness to embodied self-respect and self-worthiness – nutrition pH has a huge part here along with all detox pathways 

As high Queens of this body temple tang, deep within you KNOW it all, how to heal. what to do … you are NOW remembering dear SistAr

the REAL study, is remembering the power of your temple your yoni your sexuality as a portal to heaven7earth – YOUR body knows, you KNOW, tap into this innate KNOWING⭐️

maybe you’re just starting to see this spirit-ual-You awakening again, magical moment SistAr are these, a whole new world is birthing – as you – 

not to get lost in the thinking, all that blah head stuff, that’s SO draining, SO fearful, but instead drop into your nether regions into love into flow into your sacral power passion purpose balance ecstasy, It’s all in you x



be with your womb, feel her

be with yourself, touch her

be with your sacredness, she’s safe

I am here for you x

Rose heart love, my heart to yours SistAr

Arianna Maria🌹🌙🌙🌬❤️🌬🌙🌙