I heard it and felt it so clearly, but it took me awhile to believe it, as there was so much conflicting information …

you’ll hear;
Eat plenty of good fats
Eat good salt
You need plenty of iodine
Take your supplements
Get good protein in you (meat fish eggs often advised)
Don’t eat to much fruit it’ll throw off your blood sugar
Protein rich breakfast to balance your hormones
Eat more cooked food

there are so many false claims going around about healing our precious thyroid gland and hormones

If it was working we wouldn’t have an epidemic right now of endocrine issues,
so something’s up here

real discernment is so important.
you are important.

The body can only and will only be able reset itself and heal the thyroid gland, when we get out what’s causing the issue in the first place

This took me over a decade of research to really lock in and see the importance of DETOX
But not just detox, cellular detox, and not just 1-2-3 x a year, but integrating it into our lifestyle

I questioned it all
I dived super deep
and what did I find,

Well I found out that just thinking I could heal my body and hormones by eating ‘healthy’ and taking supplements is not going to happen,
well it didn’t happen for me,
how about you?

I kept getting this intuitive nudge, voice, my clairaudient whispering in my ear, and my clairsentient, that inner knowing,
I could feel it

“Arianna it’s all about the toxins the parasites the detox”

and guess what, this voice, this voice of truth came from above coming through me
I allowed the universe to be my guide
to be the truth
not the books
not the science
but the truth from above
from nature
from the core of our earth

It’s all backed so solidly by prof Ehret’s work, a very wise knowledgeable man who helped over 10,000 people to heal themselves through his wisdom and teachings,

what really works on our hormones;
Eat minimal plant based fats
Avoid salt as much as possible
When we get the toxins out Iodine will rebalance itself naturally – use a little organic seaweed
Supplements (synthetic) are like robots to the body and throw it off further – use high quality herbs & superfoods powders instead
We need amino acids not protein – AA come from plants
Fruit is the food of humans, and a great hormone healer
Eat the most digestible foods for breakfast – fruits smoothies juice (after fasting)
Always eat some raw food with anything cooked (51% raw is best as it stops the body going into ‘digestive leukocytosis’)

Working with food in a way that cleanses and eliminates the daily waste constantly supporting the bodies detoxification pathways has been the most powerful healing and beneficial for living in optimal health healing hypothyroid and
all hormones I’ve found

When the body is clear of toxicity
you then get to experience your truth
Of freedom in your body
Clear happy energized
returns easily

When the waste is removed finally all endocrine glands can reset repair rejuvenate and the thyroid function can resume its natural state of thriving,

communicating vibrant wellness throughout your body and life

Physical mental and spiritual health are restored, and a deepening connection to yourself and source awakens as the body is purified

a healthy thyroid means healthy communication speaking your truth standing in your power, and making the highest choices around food and the body,

So powerful!

If you have any questions around your specific healing journey feel free to reach out to me privately and schedule a body breakthrough call, I only have 5 available before we end this decade 😘

It’s time to release the shame around wanting to look and feel your best,
and KNOW it’s your birthright,
It’s what we were bought here for!

You deserve to feel amazing and look your absolute best!!

It’s time to own it!

Love you!

Arianna x

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