I have much on my heart, in the last 6 weeks I’ve had 3 moon bleeds, I know nothing is wrong, all is well, I trust my feminine body knows exactly what she’s doing as I take exceptional care of her

I understand as a womb healer, my body is clearing a lot of energy on a family community collective level, and so allowing her to work her intelligence and clear the way for the next level, and a lot shifting within my ovaries where we hold our feminine/masculine inner energies, where we can heal to balance

I rarely come onto social media during my moon, but today spirit called me, and the message is one of burning through that shame as a woman, of the feminine aspects, of her needs 

today I feel fragile I feel vulnerable I feel tender I feel deep in my heartwombspace same space, our 2 ❤️’s, my body wisdom ushered me into this share from my deep feminine watery emotional depths of grace to be with you here

I feel emotional, tears rising in me from a soft heart, as a woman, I have battled within myself for decades to find her, to find that acceptance that peace the honour

yes darling angel woman

that S E L F – H O N O U R

It’s, The Way Home 

The heavenly beauty of coming home to this peace within has been life-changing on so many levels, so freeing so calming 

A woman can start to move through the shame that lives so deep in this multifaceted temple of God-Goddess, as she truly learns to self-honour, and this is where a woman will alchemise that shame into inner-peace

Self-honouring, coming to those areas of shame, whatever it is, it’s ok, it’s not bad or wrong or dirty, it’s actually very beautiful, so perfect, as it’s a path home to deeper parts of the true Self, as it’s gently witnessed and healed 

Simply asking yourself, how can I bring self-honour in here, what can I give to myself in this moment to find my inner ground, what can I release with love, to feel the re-connect to the root of the feminine body, the spirit creative life-force of joy that lives within all women

and don’t worry if you haven’t found her yet, that’s why you are here reading this my Beautiful SistAr, trust the guidance💕you are safe to be in your body, I’m with you🎀

It’s the root the base of this temple body, that a woman rekindles her sovereign ground to self-love, unconditionally, there are never conditions to S E L F – L O V E, yet many often surface on this healing journey

UNTIL, for me it was remembering what I had decided before incarnating here on Earth, to come home to my true Self, to unconditional self-love – to learn unconditional love for others, and to share this through me to be a shining light for others, my message of love, and so I kept to the promise I made to my soul

there is no greater more fulfilling liberating heavenly well-being journey then the one of remembering self-love, and what it truly means in this body, as it shifts your whole world life becoming

to P E A C E🌈🙏🏻🕊

The more I heal my heart and put my needs first, from a place of self-respect, the more I soften, there’s an inner strength that is cultivated that makes you feel so centered, yet there is a softening in the heartspace that brings a woman truly home 

As all is re-membered, as a woman re-members herself to her-Self, she truly comes home to her body wisdom her pace, not an external pace, her innate unique body rhythms, her sacred heartbeat, her home, and this is the radical awakening of the way of love on our sacred earth, a radical awakening to the truth of your body, all-powerful a healer of it all is within YOU 

this body is nature

nature doesn’t worry 

nature knows it can rebirth 

and so it does, 

over and over and over

the resilience built

to heal and rise 

to embrace 

to let go 

to BE

It’s a full sovereign reclaiming a power of a woman’s true body rhythms, what a journey, since the clearing of so much toxic waste and regeneration of my detox pathways nervous system healing of my heart getting my glands functioning optimally

I have realised my rhythm is oh so slow, so calm so peaceful, no rush, no push no need to do, just flow to be, and fully honouring whatever that flow is each day

After years of forcing controlling trying, it’s all dissolved into the earth, a transmutation of so many coping mechanisms, a coming home to anchoring the value within, not having to do out there to feel of value

simply knowing, the feminine grounded in her radiant presence taking care of herself at peace in her body flowing with life, IS the frequency that ripples out magic change evolution and elevation 

What did this highlight for you today Gorgeous Goddess?❤️💌🪶

so much love 

Arianna xxx