I know sometimes we just don’t feel ready, and I want to speak into this, as it’s not always what it seems, well on my journey this has been true …

that need to feel focused, supported by loved ones, I craved this so much, but I found out for me to say yes to being ready there and then, gave me focus

If we’re being ‘called’ we’re ready, forget what the ego has to say, you’re ready! claim it!

knowing things had to change, I had to find a way to love myself so I could feel true with others and authentic within myself

I told myself many a stories that held me back, opting in for things that were just filling in space instead of doing the thing I know I had to do, just getting on with it, EVEN though I was terrified, not clear

But, then the breakthrough, the focus the clarity the readiness the support came, from saying yes to my vision, and not my fears

Maybe you have felt this or are feeling it, well I want you to know that it’s ok, it’s ok to feel afraid it’s ok to feel not ready

…but to put hold on this body, her needs, is not ok, when just around the corner is freedom, it really is just around the corner! 

Ask, what would self-love do right now?

Women come to me because I don’t conform, I do it differently, we get radical results, not just in health, in business too, it’s the whole-she-bang

…cause it’s all connected; health clarity focus freedom visibility vulnerability authenticity up-leveling 

together we heal all body systems, 

starting with;

🦋Glands; especially thyroid- key to purification speaking truth self-faith metabolism ideal weight balance stepping into power 

🔥Digestion: healing shame eliminating the old, activating life, fearlessness balancing hormones, nourishing nervous system, purpose activation 

🥬Liver: Breakthrough cycles habits patterns addictions comfort eating, liberate to the trueSelf, plus clear all excess estrogen causing weight gain pain brain fog muddled-ness 

🍋Kidneys: getting them filtering to be able to focus energy and life-force and live from love not fear, plus clear all medication toxicity fully 

I believe self-love is the pillar to it all💝

💫If you’re ready, message me to apply for a free Body Breakthrough call☎️