This time 4 weeks a go I was deep in the Andes of Peru, journeying inward to my next level with mi familia, super sister and brotherhood heaven!

I had one of my most challenging full on days, on day 1!! If I’m honest, I was kinda ready to run after that, but no,
I dug deep connected to my why my will my inner strength and the love in my heart
for the upgrade I was entering
for the next level of freedom I was about to release into, wow! Yesssss! Epicness!

just keep moving forward! like the warriors we are! keep rising above! to the light! surrendering each and every day into more love! the call of the heart, calling us home! the mind melts and the beauty awakens! this is the unfolding we are all here for ❤️

we question the true medicine
the plants
yet medication is Ok?!?

Respecting the plants, wow!
the power they hold,
so much more wisdom absorbed into my every cell from this beauties
here to truly heal our every alignment physical emotional mental spiritual and energetic

They’ve been here way longer than us,
and hold the answers to our prays,
in ceremony, and in our everyday food choices and lifestyle

It’s not, will they work
or will they make a difference,
the Plants are all set to heal your every imbalance, but it’s teamwork
its taking full responsibility for our own healing

you’re not a bystander in your healing journey, we are all full participants
and it takes you and the plants,
to create the magic and freedom,
that we’re all here for
right now

it takes the inner work belief will persistence consistency and commitment, yep big words,
true healing is about all of this!

The plants have everything
The wisdom knowledge healing
They are the medicine
There is nothing more powerful nothing more awakening nothing more healing

this journey showed me so clearly how the human mind can get in the way our healing and rising, and keep us stuck and stressed in our heads,
I learnt to surrender like never before
I learnt to trust like never before
I learnt the deepest power of love
I learnt the strength of the human to rise above their pain struggle grief trauma sadness
I learnt that anything is truly possible if we believe and commit
I learnt at home in our heart,
is the best home ever,
our true home

I let go into the earth
and felt her love surround me

Let the earths magic in
let her take care of you
nurture you
hold you
heal you

Are you ready to experience the healing power of plants on your hormones and to reset your body fully?

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Arianna x

Photos: Releasing into Abundance