Toxins are everywhere in our environment, from the food we eat air we breath medications deemed as “safe” water we drink electronic devices we all use 

Everyday you’re exposed to tens of thousands of toxins that are absorbed by the body and have a detrimental effect on the liver hormones brain and immune system 

these toxins get stored in our fat cells and can make it hard to lose weight, make you feel anxious stressed sluggish depressed, all symptoms of (toxicity overload)

Here’s 7 Steps you can take to get this stuff out and reclaim your health happiness and inner peace:

☕️ Avoid coffee tea alcohol, stimulants put huge pressure on your liver hormones brain adrenals, try herbal teas chicory coffee dandelion root or chai 

  • Eliminate processed junk sugar, use maple syrup fresh fruit dates fresh fruit juice
  • Get into nature barefoot daily, if you can get into the sea, water is deeply cleansing and purify for your mind body soul, recharge!

  • Eat more fresh fruit, great way to start the day, and they actually hydrate the body unlike water!
  • Stretch your body daily, walking yoga, exercise that uses your breath, oxygen is needed to heal regenerate awaken the body back to balance 
  • Use crystals to purify your environment and body, I love rose quartz hearts, black obsidian Yoni eggs, amethyst, Lemurian seed crystals, nephrite jade 
  • Singing and mantras are so detoxifying for the body especially the throat area, our center of purification, singing also activates the heart, organ linked to thymus which governs your immune system

I tried many detox’s, to only go back to eating what I did before, so nutrition is the KEY here, setting yourself up for success means setting a foundation, and then that detox will give you amazing results that WILL last, 

whether that’s weight-loss peace happiness calm balance self-love, these results get anchored when those roots are in place, it requires getting to a cellular level for real results that last.

How have your detoxes gone? Have they given you the results you want Beautiful? 

Love you!