Vanessa came to me as she’d tried so much and not got the results, was was referred to me by another of my clients

She wanted to lose 1 stone of excess weight or more, get off HRT and anti-depressant medication, and find away to love herself again 

I feel we can all resonate with this, I know this was a huge part of my own healing journey, to truly know thyself and love thyself, to Be happy for just simply being

Vanessa invested in our 6 month Body Awakening Reset program, as she wanted to really set a stable grounded sustainable foundation to integrate lasting results

After only 6 weeks, she has already lost nearly her desired weight, now ready to shift more as she’s been able to see how it’s possible and how it doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore to get the results she wants, and more …

She’s off years of HRT and in 2 weeks which will be the 2 month mark, she’ll be off all medication, and no side effects as we set the cellular nutrition/detox foundation prior,

…to prepare the body for an easy coming off the drugs, and started to do some gentle cleansing to set the body for big changes and solid transformation in this temple body 

When we support the body with alkaline foods, do the inner clearing of the organs and prepare the body for its transition from imbalance to balance, focusing on the root, you get to experience a new life in your body 

We were on a call yesterday and Vanessa said “she just feels happy, not even about anything, (well of course about her results) but just happy, she’s happy, more relaxed, calmer”

We spoke about the energetic shift to from a more masculine energy of stress go go do do, into a more feminine surrendered trusting peaceful state within, she resonated with plants bring you home to your true nature, light, optimistic, effortless flexible calm and loving on you and others💜

like nature changes, you change

like nature lets go, you let go

like nature resists nothing, 

as does your true nature🌿🍃🌹

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