Type A – Anxiety – Up to 80% of Women have PMS, anxiety type include mood swings, irritability, anxiety and tension

Type C – Cravings – Craving simple carbohydrates, sugar, chocolates, with increased appetite, fatigue and headaches

Type D – Depression – This include confusion, forgetfulness, clumsiness, feeling withdrawn, lack of co-ordination and tearful. It is not unknown for women that experience these symptoms to have thoughts of suicide.

Type H – Hyper-hydration (too much water retention!) – Water retention, breast tenderness and/or enlargement, bloating and weight gain, up to 40% women experience these pre-menstrually.

Type P -Pain – Cramps, lower back pain, lower abnormal pain, getting so painful that its hard to do anything other than sit, double over and cry.

Do you come under one of the types or all five, I know when I was at my worst I came under all 5!

How long have you been suffering from mood changes, anxiety, cravings, bloating, weight gain, pain, heavy periods?

This is not Ok, this is your body giving you a heads up, if ignored these symptoms can lead to Endometriosis which is now at epidemic level, because doctors are missing the signs and casting them off as just period pains, with diagnosis now taking 7.5-10 years!!

Or do you have PCOS, fibroids, this can later on down the line turn to infertility, uterine cancer and your doctor telling you may need to have a hysterectomy in your 30’s!

Listen to what your body is telling you, not what everyone else is saying, because its to easy to let your health slip, and go from being Ok with a few annoying symptoms, to being chronically ill.

Maybe you’ve been told the pain is normal, its all in your head, you’ll cope, WELL, let me tell you, its NOT all in your head and the pain is not normal.

I myself suffered from very painful periods, dramatic mood changes every month, water retention, anxiety and cravings. I also ignored what my body was trying to tell me for a long time, until i said i can not live like this, this can NOT be normal, spending half the month with frazzled hormones sending me mad and everyone around me mad!

What changed my life, my health and eliminated all my symptoms, the correct NUTRITION, STOPPING birth control and mastering my HORMONES.

3 Body Awakening Tips to Balance Your Hormones

  • Eat Your Whole grains daily – brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, barley, oats – they are full of vital minerals your body needs to heal and thrive,
  • Keep well hydrated daily – add lemon, cucumber, berries to flavour and enhance absorption into your precious cells
  • Take time out in nature to breath, ground and centre yourself, the best de-stress remedy, Ever!

Its 100% possibly for YOU to be totally free from pain, cravings, cramps, heavy bleeding, mood swings and feeling crap very month, I now craft bespoke programs specific to the individual, which will transform your hormones into happy, energetic, balanced and motivated ones, allowing you to regain your body confidence, strength, melt away the stubborn pounds, and feel alive and back in your power, Imagine, you have a choice everyday, If this sounds like you…

I have very limited spaces on my Bespoke Body Awakening Programs; whether you are struggling with PMS, Endometriosis or you just want more energy, happiness and motivation back in your life, this could be for you, If you are curious to find out more and want to talk, please click HERE select a time and fill in short application form.