Where are you making unconscious pain pleasure?

when really that ‘so called’ pleasure is causing disharmony in your body, imbalance and feelings of frustration, holding you back from elevating, fully LIVING

I’ll share a sacred pleasure of mine right now, being by the ocean surrounded by luxurious nature, naked, sipping hot balinese cacao with wild orange

totally present to the moment, sitting in the gratitude of my heart for my body my life my courage my growth my creative flame within 

pleasure used to be drinking lots of caffeine, eating pastries, and indulging in heavy acidic food that fed my addictions and cravings and made me feel sluggish, hormonal, stuck, and foggy, but still, I feed it …

It was when I started to purify my body, cell deep, released all those emotions addictions cravings pain/pleasure cycle imprints from my body that I really began to understand what true pleasure is 

pleasure starts within this body, it is an inner feeling, not outer, we cultivate it within this sacred temple, then do we feel the ultimate pleasure of life, and then the stuff out there can be extra healthy bliss 

I got trapped in feeding addictive pleasures, and creating more dis-ease in my body, UNTIL;

I cleaned my body of acid

I purified my cells

I got the mucus out

I cleared the parasites 

I came back to my centre 

I remembered my inner knowing

I started to really trust my intuition 

I used evolved nutrition to transform my taste buds and remember what really nourishes and awakens this body back to peace love joy aliveness creativity flow energized grounded 

I used cellular detox process’s in alignment with nature’s rhythms to remember my rhythms of flow and ease in this body 

I used plant intelligence to reset repair rejuvenate and regenerate my whole body reclaiming my Goddess power of knowing and loving my body

true pleasure comes from letting go of the unconscious habits patterns behaviors that run us

…and awakening pleasure; that is epically expansive-joyous juicy-courageous creative-harmoniously healthy-peacefully purposeful-mindfully magical 

Where’s your pleasure switch at?