I had to stop handing over my body to an external voice which I thought knew better then me, ONLY you know what you feel inside, you know what your body is saying, 

you know your truth Beauty 

I was told I would need medication for my thyroid, I said no, it felt off, it felt like a lie in my gut, It was lie, I knew it wasn’t addressing the cause, I would be suppressed, I will not be suppressed in anyway and I will not suppress, I did that for years through food and drink 

I said I’ll find away, the doctor said “if your next tests show lower levels you will need medication” I never found out what my levels said because I never went back

no way is someone telling me that because a piece of paper says my hormones are whatever, totally inaccurate testing because you can’t measure hormones in blood, they are changing in every moment, more accurate is a frequency test, I use my frequency device when in person with my beautiful soul clients 

I learnt using something that takes place of a natural function in the body means the body will get lazy stop producing and adrenal dysfunction will happen, only nature can heal this body

I don’t believe in anything that is messing with the bodies natural function, stay on the surface messing with symptoms never heals, we have to get to the root of hormonal imbalance to correct it

My hormones journey was huge, to now be something I never even think or worry about, because I went to the root, healed and set a foundation to support me, and this is one area I support my clients with

It all comes down to obstruction toxicity inner pollution terrain and pH theory, at this level you will avoid all medication all surgery and regain reclaim reinstate full body full hormone health physically emotionally mentally and spiritually 

to heal your hormones for good and feel totally free confident healthy happy and at peace in your body Gorgeous – dive into you, into embodying the truth of radiant health and the sparkling vitality that you are at your core🎀 

Goddess Love you!