💎Peru magic💎

Clients and followers have been asking me what I got up to in Peru,

Peru was a journey to my next level,
a total Rebirth,
where so much went down! WOW!

For me it was expanding more into deep self-love, and to dive deeper than deep into more personal growth and healing,
as I always say, there’s always more, there’s always another level we can ascend too,
if we’re willing and ready,

I met some of the most incredible soul siSTARS, and brothers, it was real family and connection, community and surrender

We striped all the layers back, we got super vulnerable, uncomfortable every day, we went all in, got real with what came and up,
and decided and chose to release and let go,
no longer attaching to the drama, struggle, stories, habits, patterns, fears, worries, trauma

Lead by two of the most incredible beauties I’ve had the honour to be guided and supported by Regan Anne Hillyer and
Juan Pablo Barahona, and a team of deeply connected heart wide open present and powerful shamans, an experience stored in my heart forever ❤️

I learnt so much from the sacred plant medicine, deeply tapping into the wisdom of the plants and the land, and then totally rewiring our entire body mind and soul at cell level – to an elevated vibration

I shed let go reset rewired detoxed purged, and absorbed the magic healing and richness of the wisdom from the land,

We can always heal and shift ourselves out of where we are in our body thoughts stories and habits,

it takes being willing to dive in,
to get a bit uncomfortable,
knowing that bliss liberation peace healing and joy is on the other side

I have elevated my entire body mind and soul to a whole new level and upgraded my vision❣️😉there are no limits, the only limits are those we keep telling ourselves,

I learnt to surrender even deeper
I learnt to trust even more
I learnt to let go into more of my magic
I learnt the next level of potency to the healing work I do with plant food medicine and the body

I got crystal clarity on the next steps to my purpose, and souls mission on earth
I activated a deeper strength, and more of my feminine energy
I embodied more of my truth, and felt myself rise

Everything was reset.

The fear of the unknown was there every day, did I let it stop me, nope!
because my vibration and my personal growth is so important to me,
how I show up in the world is so important to me,

I’m not just about a talking it and writing it,
I walk my talk most importantly ⭐️
and this is why I shifted so much!

Live is to precious to hold onto the drama the excuses the pain the struggle the symptoms the old stories

with this new energy in me and around me I have been called to offer something super big, and to share my work in a very deep expansion 1:1 space

I’ve opened up only 3 spots for 2020,

12 months 1:1, we will dive deep into anti-aging the Body, to reset the body at its core, to free you into your highest vibration,
where all the magic happens,

this is only for women and men,
who are ready committed and willing to take their wellbeing to a total new level,


Ready to awaken your body paradise free blissful and more alive and confident than ever!

PM me for the application and full details.

Are you are ready to commit to living so free in your body and soul?