I started my business 6 years ago, I noticed a running theme reflecting back at me, this need to be further along, do more make more to feel like I was something 

my health was not where I wanted it to be when I started my business, I was stressed anxious having panic attacks and still very addicted to caffeine sugar alcohol and escape 

I was lost in my mind, pushing, abusing myself, and burning the candle at both ends

Until 4 years ago, 

everything transformed

I was given an ultimatum by the universe, will I continue abusing my body my mind my soul and seeking validation out there, and disrespecting myself and seeing that reflect back in my intimate relationships

Or, will I stop, turn the other way, choose a loving direction, where I take the deepest care of myself and truly learn to love me, and do what needs to be done to remember who I really am…

I chose to turn the other way, and in that moment, a new reality was awakening within me, guided by spirit, by my inner compass of truth, my heart, I moved to Spain to start deeply healing my body mind heart and soul 

here I was shown the way home to myself, different teachers came into my life, as I had surrendered into a new space within myself, so willing, so ready to truly meet myself, I thought I knew who I was, but I really didn’t 

my ego started to crumble

my heart started to open  

I had vaccinations medications years of eating acidic foods years of drinking so much caffeine alcohol taking drugs years of suppressed emotions of shame guilt anger rage in my cells

we see life through our cells, 

they are the factories of our body,

they are the energy centers,

reality is created here, 

and why we must clean them

if we are to live our truth of 

full potential in this body

of Heaven on Earth 🌍 

I started my cellular journey, which is now how I live, I have woven it into my life so I know my body is always being supported, it’s so freeing, to know this body is fully taken care of, to not worry about your health, but feel deeply empowered, because you are the healer 

patients, it’s the path to wisdom, to truly heal and regenerate this body

True Health awakens when the cells have been cleaned, when all that junk started to clear out of me, finally, I started to see feel hear know deeply in my being, my truth, and started living how I wanted to live, no rules, just LOVE 

I remembered my divinity, that I AM a Goddess, that I am humanly divine and imperfect at the same time, with many insecurities, a very vulnerable soul, yet here so much soul power came online, as perfectionism was ditched and potential woke up 

A whole new world woke up, and it’s waiting to wake up in every one of us, when we drop the need to know everything science papers for everything be tested for everything, when you trust, it gets to be easier simpler and a joy to heal your body, even exciting, that’s all I feel know for this journey, is excitement, choose what you want, and go for it Goddess!!

with you all the way, 

holding your hand! 

I love you❤️AA x