I don’t believe there’s just one way of doing nutrition, it’s unique to you,
but what I do know from my own 20 year healing journey is that nutrition is essential and it’s a powerful key to opening that true-Self of body liberation! Every imbalance comes back to some form of obstruction in the body, it simply means you have to address the root🌳.When a body is alkalized and the parasites mucus toxins are removed, then the body can find balance as the environment within is being supported. The parasites have to be addressed, if I had understood this at the beginning I would have accelerated my healing and got out of pain much quicker. The liberation is clarity lightness energy freedom joy presence creativity and taking back that innate feminine power within you to put into your passions🔥. A toxic body obstructs many areas of our external reality, clear the internal way and so the outer way shall clear.

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