Are you really gonna let the parasites zap your energy make you gain or loss weight and make you eat foods 
you know aren’t good for you?

You have the power to stop this
To stop this now
Or continue to live in a body being run 
by parasite consciousness

It may all sound hilarious 
even funny or unbelievable
but it’s also serious
and very real

They not only consume 
your precious time 
they consume 
your energy
your precious body 

So let’s get really clear on these wiggle worms inside you right now

Yep inside you right now, 
You don’t need to be afraid 
or worry about, 
unless you leave them inside you 
and ignore this calling to remove them
and take your 
power clarity sleep energy body 
and true self back

I’m living proof of what these parasites (the ones we don’t want inside us)
do to us, 
before I got, let’s say the equivalent of about 4 metres of parasites out of me,

I was craving lots of fats, loads of rice (mucus acid complex carb sugar – that all disturbs the way you feel in your body and stops the healing process, 🐛love it!!) wine (sugar and yeast) feeding the fermentation in my gut, salt salt salt adding it to and over everything (adrenal disturbances – salt furthers the dehydration of the body, acid they love it) we need electrolytes NOT salt, bread, parasites and fungus love it as it’s mucus forming and acidic and they love to sleep and bathe in this toxic slim,

they make you want to eat sugar, salty dense fatty oily carby protein rich foods, 
they have their favourite meals
you think they’re you’re favourite meals
Oh no no no Gorgeous, 
it’s their craving not yours
it’s their favourite meal not yours

you see and feel, 
when you heal your body at a cellular level, where we gotta go to properly heal and regenerate 
and live brain fog free excess weight free anxiety free insomnia free bloat free craving free sluggishness free back pain free depression free hypothyroid free

you won’t want any of that crap 
and you’ll realise it’s not cooked food that makes you grounded 
it’s getting these parasites out that centres you 
drops you into more of you
into your truth

IT goes so much deeper, 
it’s the obstruction that’s making you think you need these things, the parasites within are making up stories excuses to keep them feed 
and you stuck and sick


You think you need the meat dairy bread oils loads of cooked food to keep you warm and grounded and to feel nourished 
when this whole confusion here 
is that you have 
mind altering
thought altering
body altering
hormone altering
craving machines inside you
rope tape ring flat 
there’s all kinds

THEY’VE gotta come out if you are to heal, and align,
living a life where parts of you are suppressed is BS 
and not what you’re here for you, 
you know that, but I had to say it

anyone who says they’re not real
don’t exist 
do nothing 
Oh don’t worry about them
just eat more fat protein 
sleep more 
rest and drink more water 
get ya hormone panel tests

I would run!!!

they lead to cancer, chronic immune issues, depression, anxiety, more stress, insomnia, stomach issues, degeneration of tissue joints and your cells, 

they breakdown 
your life
your body 
your vitality

they live in you
feed off you 
poo in you 
release uric acid in you 
and the longer you keep feeding them 
the FOODS they want 
the longer you suppress 
your body healing 
obey their needs

It’s not pretty!! it’s a vicious circle!!

When I got a few years into this journey
I realised how barely anyone spoke about the importance of removing this obstruction, 
it was all about 
eat this food to get this vitamin
eat that food to get that mineral
eat this food to get this antioxidant 
drink this to boost this that and bloody everything 
take this supplement to heal your gut 
take that supplement to heal your liver
take this supplement to boost your vit D

and so on and so on and so on

Till you become dependant on robotic action pills fad diets that’s do nothing but suppress you
that cause more chaos 
and further imbalance

BUT no one was talking about it when a few years back I had this clear download let’s say a total instant knowing in my body!!

because as we feed our bodies with acidic to much cooked food 
drinking with food 
mixing it all up 
and preparing the dance floor for them, well it’s all growing multiplying breeding and then living off you!

This journey is a huge part of healing your body, without it, the body simple can’t heal, and just taking parasite herbs doesn’t do it, you have to do the physical work yes Nutrition, detox, get it out, and also energetic 
reclaim yourself power and your birthright

Let go
Take back 

THIS is your innate state 
your birthright 
Your freedom
Right now
You get to choose

Stay stuck in the loop 
and never really heal
battling daily with your body

Or get to the core 
live liberated
and feel beautifully content and at peace with yourself and your precious body!

So what do you choose Beautiful?

It’s here … for you!

Are you ready?


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