A time of life most women dread, and REALLY should not have too!

Some may not want to hear this, but it needs to be said,  Menopause is not meant to be an awful transition, it can actually be a gracefully change. If you are feeling totally off, it’s your body saying ‘Hey, i need some help, my hormones need support‘, and I’m not talking about HRT or Bio-identical’s, i’m talking about diet and lifestyle adjustments.

If only we were told that through a shift in our diet and lifestyle everything could dramatically turn around, in a matter of a few short weeks. This is what I’m seeing with my clients, and its so liberating and empowering for them to know they can have control over the way they feel through lifestyle choices.

Firstly, menopause is NOT a disease, it’s a natural process in every women’s body, people speak about it like it’s a disease.

The madness with hormone testing more than often just confuses things and keeps you stuck, simplicity is always best, alter your diet and lifestyle, equals happy hormones and a renewed life…to simple, well that’s how you see the best results and the fastest results, no more wasting your precious time, but massive results in a few weeks, like my client Christine, 2 years of menopause hell, on/off depression for years, over weight and arthritis for 5 years, now living a new lease of life in just 8 weeks because she changed her diet and lifestyle.

Menopause is the end of a reproductive period in a women, when the ovaries cease their duties and all the work is added to the adrenals (our adrenal glands are on top of our kidneys, they deal with our stress), something no one talks about or explains. This means your adrenals need even more support than normal, and stress and sleep management are vital here.

When more work is added to our adrenals during Menopause and times of stress, this can trigger an increase in the production of natural steroid hormones that control our stress response and the body’s use of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. If we are then adding to this already fiery mix by eating the wrong foods, and feeding an unbalanced lifestyle, then are hormones will suffer further, and symtpoms will reveal themselves.

Whether you are in the menopause already, coming up to the menopause or no where near, you can always be supporting your hormone health, stopping any hormonal imbalance before it begins, because it will, if they’re not nourished. Hormones are our chemical messengers, carrying data that control the way our glands and organs work, so a fundamental process to our whole body and mind health, Hormone health massively impacts how you feel, think, and deal with stress.

The reason for menopause being unbearable at times, with extreme irritation, hot flushes, mood changes, depression, nervousness, exhaustion, tearfulness and shouting, is because of life’s added stress, your root cause…poor nutrition lacking in vital nutrients, lack of sleep, and upside down lifestyles, this all hugely impacts your hormone function.

Your body is actually designed to deal with menopause, but because of these added stresses theres no balance, your hormones cant cope, and lifestyle management needs to be put in place so you can deal with it all, gracefully.

As women, we are always the ones that take on so much and think about everyone else before ourself…Your body is highlighting symptoms for a reason, to tell you something is not quite right…It is time for You!

There is a massive amount that can be done to completely reinstate our hormone balance naturally, whether it be menopause, hypothyroid, PCOS, endometriosis, infertility. Our body is very cleaver, when it understands the information put in i.e. food, movement, thoughts, balance, it will naturally start to rebalance, but medication, hormones, stress and poor sleep and diet… will keep you stuck.

HRT has huge risks, increasing the risk of breast cancer and heart disease. Heart disease is now the number one cause of death in women worldwide. Looking after your heart is an absolute MUST, diet, lifestyle and medication has huge influence here and should not be ignored…want a long healthy life free from disease.
Bioidenticals made from yam and soya can no longer be classed as natural, as they are not in their whole form, and once taken to a lab they are broken down and no longer anything like whole soya or whole yam. All you need is the correct nutrition and lifestyle implemented and your hormones will thrive and flourish, and you will be beaming with ease and joy as your life balance returns.

We always want a magic pill, potion, lotion, liquid, of which there isn’t, the most powerful and empowering decision you can make is in your food choices, with the right foods for you and your hormone imbalances wellbeing can be restored in a few weeks.

Start looking after your hormones today, because they need care and support, they need your help to stay as young as possible for as long as possible. If we want great hair, glowing skin, a toned body, vibrant energy and a passionate and confident libido, then start nourishing your hormones today beautiful women.

Arianna Aunon, Nutritionist & Body Transformation Coach




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