Plants and humans are more similar than you think …

How can the body heal if we’re putting in a frequency the body doesn’t resonate with?

the Body is made of energy codes and we have to put in the right information (energy)
which then dissolves
and activates codes
into our body
at our core
at our DNA

I want to challenge your perspective on health,
I want to show you that we can heal anything, it’s simply a quantum shift and new codes
a recoding reset and recalibration of your bodies frequency makeup

Through the very food you eat everyday, imagine, if it was really this easy, that by eating foods that hold the frequency of health,
you can heal all your symptoms transforming your physical body your habits your emotions and your beliefs

well imagine now that this is all of our truth, all of our birthright

Your truth right in this moment,
because it is

Food breaks down into information
destructive or constructive
You get to choose the outcome
from the food – information you eat daily


Plant foods hold the highest vibration
the most healing codes
the most potent transformational force for healing dis-ease and raising consciousness

hence why one of the most powerful awakening medicines is plant medicine, like Ayahuasca,

I have had 2 incredible weekends of plant medicine over the last year, it has been an acceleration in my inner world aligning to more awareness and liberation from within to live a more present and awakened life from my heart and truth

Along with eating mucus free-lean,
it has given rapid insight into the level these plant foods really go
and what they are capable of doing for us-
they give us so much,

Are you available – to receive their healing, love and elevation?

plant foods speak to our cells in frequency sharing with us vital information upgrades and wisdom
we require,
our body requires
to clear out old energy old emotions old broken fearful stories and pains from our energetic field

So when we use plant foods that are free from obstruction
so avoiding or reducing all acidic animal foods most grains all dairy processed foods and stimulating foods
the Body is given space to do its work

All we must do is give it the space and environment it needs to heal us

Plants have every piece of information our body needs to heal and thrive, humanity craves animal foods because of cellular obstruction, both physical and emotional,
when this is cleared
you will see your desire for animal products leave your energy field
as the body
no longer requires obstructive foods

because you
open up
to feel it all
witness it all
and set yourself free

Why? because when we eat only plant foods-mucus free-lean along with dry fasting intervals and embodiment work,
you get to shed your habits cravings toxins weight patterns stories limiting beliefs from your energy field

as old energy leaves you on many levels, you only desire clean healthy food which holds the resonance of Mother Earth

it is here we come back to our natural state of BEing
Our natural state of living
Our natural state of ease peace grace love gratitude joy bliss and harmony
as we come home to our connection and co-creation with our earth

We are plant eaters
All of us
It is only through conditioning and toxicity that we are led to believe we need anything more than plant foods

So today I challenge you to see a new perspective,

what if food has always been the answer?
yet so distorted it’s been turned to an escape,
when it’s our most powerful healing go to!!

there is no judgment on anyone’s journey, it took me years to realise that acidic foods were destroying my body hormones relationships focus purpose alignment consciousness and emotional and mental health,

So I continued to challenge myself to awaken into living as the best version of me,
which to me meant only nourishing my body mind and soul optimally
and with the highest frequency of plants,

which have a DNA structure very close to the human DNA, that is how similar we are, and why we need there information to help us heal

Plants use light to produce sugar
Humans use simple plant sugars
to produce light

Do you see what I’m showing you here?

that we have to end conforming to societies mistruths on this human vessel,

to fully experience a body that is meant for channeling information
it must be in alignment with the light

The more I see the body rid cellular waste
the more we emit our inner light

We are light beings
So we must feed ourselves on light
To awaken and live our highest potential and become a match to the exquisitely vibrant life we are here for in this body

To shining oh so bright
and letting the light of these plants come in and heal your every alignment

they hold the key
and know exactly what to do
all you have to do
is set the foundation

oh the simplicity
oh the joy
oh the ease

When we stop fighting the truth
and come home

It’s time.

Love & Blessings

Arianna x

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