when you realize you’ve been living mostly in your masculine energy, trying to control everything, always giving and rarely receiving, deflecting compliments back or accepting, but then saying “you too”,

I feared my feminine body for so long, like it was dirty and I shouldn’t feel free in it,

the Body
our precious beautiful body,
has taken on so many stories habits patterns old energy in our cellular memory,

so many habits and patterns
to feel safe and protected,

Like holding onto excess weight,
or using food as a reward
or an emotional comfort,
or to push speaking our truth further down inside us,
ignored for a bit longer,
until it all bubbles up again,

the safety structure built up around us
like a wall,
so no one can get in,
so no love can be felt
so we stay disconnected from
our love, and others love,

alone, a feeling of coldness-a distance, actually not from others
but an inner separation

this has been a huge part of my own journey, do you resonate?

I found it to be a journey of coming home to me
home to my heart
home to love
a practise of Self-love
through living vibrant plant foods
cellular healing nourishing slowing-down breathing remembering
Who You Are

dimming our light as we walk into a room to not be seen as too much,
so to feel loved,
the soul is crushed
the heart sinks
the joy fizzles out
the Body holds onto protection

But. You know in your centre of knowing that you are here for so much more in this precious body,
a women who is
ready to live her dreams
ready to heal
ready to invest in herself
and ready to live wildly free and liberated in her body and soul

A powerful beautiful fierce kind loving women who values herself and who stands in her innate beauty and illuminated presence, embracing her femininity truth and peace

this is who I see right now,
take my hand,
let me lend you my glasses – so you get to see, and feel this too.

I love you for your courage to take bold action on your life
I love you for your open heart
I love you for your magic
I love you for your wise wisdom
I love you
for being you,

When we realize … finally … that there is nothing to prove
nothing to defend
nothing to hide
nothing to protect

Finally we get to live a life so free it’s beyond the mind
It’s living from our heart
and it is here we rise shine and thrive
and live your birthright of divine radiance in a body created for a warrior goddess
wise wild and free
she runs

Awakening the land of this magical place
my body
I love you

Peace Beautiful ✌🏻💕