I felt so disconnected from my sensuality-spirituality (both deeply interwoven) until I found my way home

as a young girl being wild free sensual was frowned upon, laughed at, made out to be bad or showing off

the feminine body has had so much shit programmed into it about what’s safe what’s not how we ‘should’ be

I know you feel this deep desire within to just LET GO. but there’s so many stories conditions thoughts telling why you can’t why it’s unsafe why it’s not the thing to do, gotta hold it together

Well I’m telling you, it is the thing to do! Beauty, your sensuality your wilderness your untamed shakti energy is who we are, it’s creation-creativity it’s play it’s pleasure it’s HEALTH it’s flow it’s FREEDOM

I know some of you think oh I’m to old now, I’m past it, I’ve had children a mum now I can’t let go I need to be in control and sensible – but deep in your soul this feels so constricting and tight

Because it’s not true, truth is we are ALL GODDESSES, we do not age.

I decided to wipe our society’s ideas of how I should be do show up as a women, did it my way, it’s about speaking our truth owning our authenticity unapologetically being ALL of you

God made you perfect.

You are safe to let go.

You are safe to be feminine.

You are safe to be powerful and soft at the same time.

You are perfect.

You are loved.

You belong.

I love you!

Arianna ♥️
PS. A few practical tips that have helped me: Yoni eggs, free dancing to music I love, kundalini yoga, mucus free-lean evolved Plantbased transitional living, cellular detox, connecting daily to Mother Earth and breathwork with focus on the womb and heart, healing my heart and womb, both connected.

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