When I found out health does not just come from eating ‘healthy’ – true lasting health and healing comes from removing the cause, the obstruction and eating in alignment with nature’s rhythms

When this light switched on inside me💡

I realized I had been putting in so much good healthy food, plus a few pastries chips and lots of caffeine and so called ‘good’ fats, lots of mucus foods!

Have you thought about where your acid/alkaline food balance at love?

I was trying to heal my body and get healthy from an acidic foundation, doesn’t work!

Remove Alkalize Reset- is the answer🌿🍉

Once I started to really clean my body cell deep, removing the decades of stored toxicity, that very very few detoxes or eating reaches

I turned up my consciousness dial and started to look at food, energy, my body, healthy eating- ‘HEALTH’ -in a totally new light✨

If the cause, the acidic waste the toxicity isn’t removed, you can eat so much good food superfood eat supplements, and the body still won’t get lasting results

I suppressed my body into thinking I was well ok pretty good for 2 DECADES🧐
… still exhausted foggy anxious lacked confidence weight up and down, total emotional mess, and ungrounded

UNTIL, I cleared the way cell deep, got the decades of mucus parasites acid stones and heavy metals out, and ONLY then,
did I understand what TRUE health is
…Bliss joy happiness clarity grounded flow creativity focus emotional freedom, ease higher purpose unfolding
… phew, total yay – here for us all!!👗

Beauty💋you can keep grasping on to the old way, or choose the evolved way, here we fly together, unified in our hearts wide wake to this magnificent life, energized clear balanced joyful, beautiful creative sensual body laughter, in love with life, no more pain – total FREEDOM,

I’m with you every step of the way!

What does FREEDOM mean to you?


PS. Ready to feel true health freedom laughter joy in your confident liberated body and have it last, no more frustration, just freedom? DM me for Bespoke program enquiries.