this food detox healing your body journey is ALSO about nourishment

there are phases, it’s a process to heal her and bring her back to balance harmony peace a lightness 

I learned in many ways, that yes we have to go cell deep clean clear the way within, clear out all that much, the medication toxicity old hormones stagnant emotions acidic food residues mucus build-up, absolutely! 111%

But, that’s why it’s a process, an unfolding, a becoming in your body, cause the revelation is, this journey of healing the weight exhaustion stress messy head — does get to be exciting and enjoyable and much easier 

You can’t just keep detoxing keep cleaning the body, there have to be periods where you cleanse and eliminate, then nourish and build 

the affirmation, I AM NOURISHED, is the feminine, it is the moon cycles, blood quality, the heart, it is the spleen organ (part of the lymphatic system) it links to the liver and holds a burner, it’ll either burn your temple down or bake goodies for you 

it’s also one of the main grounding organs that anchors you to earth allowing you to feel embodied, not floating messy and lost, it must be cleaned, and it must be nourished, balance☯️

everything in life and in this body IS about balance, harmony, you know when there’s  imbalance/disharmony, cause you feel dis-ease/un-comfortable in your body

this way of addressing weight energy stress anxiety issues also allows you to shift energizes around self-worth and living your dreams, it’s all connected to the spleen-stomach-liver set-up

THAT’S how powerful your inner system is, forget about all those nonsense illusionary systems out there, and focus within

that easy weight-loss energized confident clear light you — FREEDOM ticket right here Beauty! 

Be courageous. Stand firm. Freedom will prevail. 

I’m going to dive deeper into this topic and the process required for a beautiful nourishing healing journey home to the true You in your precious feminine body,  this coming Saturday 21st at 9 am UK timezone – I’ll be live on IGTV, and replay will be up shortly after live on my page.

Beautiful, join me live, mini Q&A at the end!

Arianna ❤️