What about yours? Do you enjoy being in the kitchen, creating flowing playing?

For me food is about creativity, soul, expression from my Yoni, about letting go and flowing with the pleasure centre of our sacral dance and nourishing this temple .

As soon as food becomes rigid stressful restricted, it tightens your sacral, blocking flow joy purpose creation and feeling sensual —- which suppresses the throat chakra/voice — it’s about FREEDOm Beautiful, this is the way I teach and guide … and the way you get to embrace 

Yea one of my big loves is nutrition, but that doesn’t mean I have to love making recipes or even having recipes, I do, as I like to give my health goddess clients a clear start and guidance 

But to me, once you know your ingredients, once you are clear on the foods that really lead to optimal health, how foods combine, how the acid/alkaline process works within the body, how pH is the 🗝, how to effortlessly integrate detox so it’s YUMMY …

I want you to have fun explore be free creative flow with your inner-feminine, taste, adjust, sprinkle, dance with it all, zero restriction, out of head into base.

Did you know your sacral has taste receptors, and where the mmmm yummm comes from, your Yoni tissue and throat tissue are the same💋

It’s not about calories measuring recipes quantities, never, it’s about following your flow, your body wisdom, when she’s clear from within, the food choices are clear 

if you ever get invited to my kitchen, it’ll be magic dancing laughter deliciousness play colour wild woman vibes, pure bliss joy and love everywhere💗💗💗🧚🏻‍♀️💋

So forget about that recipe book☺️my writing is about activating, being a catalyst, being authentic, speaking truth🦋

authentic Love is the way ❤️ AA.

Award-Winning Women’s Health Coach & Weight-loss Specialist.