Dear Powerful Goddess Woman, the journey of change, of growth, of the unknown, I hear you, and I know your nervousness, I was once there too! …you are not alone in. 

Let’s remember one thing, change is the only true constant in life, as change is natural, is nature display’s this beautifully

It’s when we try to stop the change, the natural flow of life wanting to move through you, that problems imbalances dis-ease manifests

and you can put an end to this cycle of resistance to nature’s natural law of energy flow, 

…by honoring the guidance honoring the inner wisdom guiding you to your ultimate well-being freedom and potential 

those nerves are just old energies stored in your nervous system, wanting to keep you in a so-called safe space, comfortable in the discomfort of making it normal (been there, and made it through to the other side, and so can you lovely!)

Breath deep. Feel your core. Root into your center. Know you are safe to go there. It’s the unknown that holds the true magic. Let it be experienced through you.

Like the river, it resists nothing and gets to exactly where it wants to go

Catch any resistance, see that resistance, and know that what you want, is beyond that, so with integrity and grace to your journey and vision

CHOOSE to move beyond and know you are safe and always taken care of, TRUST.

I got you Beauty!

Love you mucho❤️

Arianna xxx