Morning herbal concoctions and fresh organic juices have become such a uplifting ritual

It feels so good to wake up, knowing exactly what I’m going to put in my body mind soul will certainly give me a fresh light and energizing boost so I can feel and be at my best 

There’s no stress what to have, am I getting enough protein minerals vitamins… will I be hunger, no need for stimulants to wake me up

Fully wide awake within 5 minutes of lying silently looking out my bedroom window at the rice fields and palms, belly breathing, reciting a Mary Magdalene self-love mantra silently, morning and night for the last year, so powerful on the subconscious this one! 

This easy morning ritual of health boosting resetting rejuvenating elixirs is just a done thing now, so quick so easy so nourishing so uplifting, so reassuring my well-being is covered and no worries or stress, just inner-peace overflowing 

But it hasn’t always been this way, I use to wake needing the caffeine sugar hit, exhausted upon waking, exhausted by 11am and exhausted by 3pm, clinging onto the food I could use to pick me up and get me through the day on false energy like caffeine sugary stuff and processed carbs, waiting for the come down

It all got to much, so I decided to take action on my well-being, I knew my hormones were off, stressed inside, weight up and down, craving acidic foods, I knew I had to make changes if I was to start feeling vibrant and confident in myself and create the life I wanted for myself, that I knew deep within was possible …

I now just know my hormones body mind are taken care off, feed 80% alkalizing foods so I can be at my best for myself, my clients, and my loved ones

it’s so important for me to be feeling my best, and I know it’s my responsibility, I know you feel this too lovely, if we want to feel clear grounded confident energized vibrant and at peace

it’s the implementation of what foods and practices are going to allow me to live that easily, that will ground that vision within, it’s all possible and available right now for you lovely

I know from this space I can do my best work serve my best and access deeper truth and awareness in my life so to align to more of my true Self dreams and purpose

I’ve realized if you truly feel good, and I mean really good, then that is all that is needed to live  your dreams, manifest the best relationships, and live happy free and deeply alive in your soul, and we all get to choose this, support is always at hand x

What do YOU want to feel in yourself in 2022 and beyond?

comment below with a word, 

I would love to hear your dream feels x

Love you♥️

Arianna🌿Health Goddess

Women’s Health Specialist

Founder of TBAR Method.