Going to the doctors surgery and being offered paracetamol for an eating disorder
at 16 this turned a switch on inside me

Natural medicine is the traditional medicine, and only since chemical medicine has come in in the last 125 years has chronic disease risen

But, just because it’s natural or food based doesn’t always mean it’s in alignment with the human body,

I spent years studying thinking wow I’m learning so much, to be taught a whole lot of mistruths, to name a few – salt garlic onion oil protein fat water supplements – it’s all out of alignment with the truth of how the human body functions heals and thrives

What this journey has taught me is
truth is in the paradox of it all,
that sure we are all unique
but we don’t all have different functions, sure their can be some genetic differences, but we know genetics is not the issue here,

The human specie is the only specie to be confused with what it’s meant to eat to be happy and healthy, there is no other specie that questions all day long what should I be eating 🙃

Yep for years I did this, daily confusion, wasting so much time and energy around food choices, being taught that we need so much protein good fat bitter salty pungent tastes so much water … all false.

Actually we don’t need that much at all,
by nature we are simple creatures 🌿

living happy and healthy, actually a totally blissful existence one of euphoria in this body, is to clean at a cellular level

when I made this part of my lifestyle everything transformed beautifully
so much energy peace clarity ease unfolded

Not once did I hear this throughout my years of studies, it was always about what can be added in, food supplements vitamins mineral protein fats stimulants …

never about the most essential part of
‘what can we remove?’

Like our educational system for kids the educational system for teaching nutrition and health is also a system and not of the highest, based on misinformation and a lack of understanding of our specie

Most are teaching to further suppress the body, yes naturally its also possible,
food is very powerful and why learning to use food correctly – to heal not suppress – is necessary for humanities wellbeing and our earth

I had to get real with myself many times on this journey over the last decade, and really tune in and ask myself;

Do I really feel my most well my most vibrant, or am I settling for ok, good?
Am I really living my highest body vibration?
But is there another level? Is there more?

Just over a year ago I was guided to dive super deep with cellular detox, reverting back to the original vegan lifestyle of mucus free-lean-totally next level plant based living,

Finally, I found out the truth, from being the proof, not reading researching study but actually physically testing it all out live

Here it was all revealed to me,
I was on natures most powerful operating table where I experienced the truth of this body, the potential of this body, and how we are all really meant to feel in this body

It blow my mind actually, total bliss paradise euphoria kept coming
kept Awakening as I cleaned my cells more and more and more, the true energy of this human vessel was revealed to me

Over a 35 day period I went super deep into cellular detoxification- on every level of my being, and got to finally experience the true gift of life in this body.

and this is what I now teach and guide others through and too,

I have been guided to offer the-

Body Awakening mentorship and reset program for other health/wellness coaches experts and natural doctors

who truly desire to live at their highest vibration and learn the process of making cellular regeneration an effortless part of their lifestyle and to share with their communities

to raise humanity higher and higher,
and at the same time live in alignment with our planet and her rhythms, which brings us back to our own natural rhythms,

flow ease peace joy bliss

My mission is for millions of us to live a life of bliss peace and liberation in this body❤️

Applications are now open for
The Body Awakening 1:1
Mentorship and Reset

Ready to raise your vibration and the energy of your practise mission and clients?

Ready to see how true regeneration and anti-ageing can be a natural part of day to day life for all?

Ready to live liberated and support others to do the same?

Come and dive deep with me 1:1 and feel the truth of what the highest embodiment of health truly feels like in this body!

PM me, or Comment below MENTORSHIP👸🏻and I’ll send you the details.


Arianna x

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