my first photoshoot for my business back in 2016 at the magically beautiful luxurious @atzaro_hotel Ibiza. I was so nervous, but loved it so much. Put me in the garden smelling the herbs and I’m transported to another world, one of magic healing bliss and possibility. My own tumultuous healing journey and wild ride of setting up my own business has taught me so much, to listen within, to act out of love not fear, to communicate, learning to express my true heart Self, to do the inner work, to keep going no matter what, to love myself so deeply, to love the failures cause they’re just lessons, to love the mistakes cause they’re just lessons, and to always focus on the highest ideal, Heaven On Earth. Each day I did a bit towards my dream, so I could live my freedom unbound unshackled totally in my flow and my joy daily. What a ride it’s been, and continues to be, so many challenges, so much soul searching, so much healing, but all so wonderfully worth it! to live free. no answering to no one, but my SOUL my heart my vision my TRUTH. What’s your soul saying? I took so many risks, and I continue too. I don’t follow rules, I don’t listen to much out there, if I do it’s with great discernment, tuning into what and who is healthy for me, I listen to my body, I listen to my own inner guidance system, I take inspired action, and I don’t let anyone else’s fears stop me from living the life I want to live. I devoted myself to living my most ecstatic life❤️ a life of heaven on earth ofcourse, that starts inside this body, clean her, and she that LIGHT SHINE❤️

Arianna x