I feared my sexuality sensuality body wilderness and feminine power for so long

I know so many women feel the same

and, I know you can heal it all, because I have, we can all do it, remembering and embody our wild free sensual healthy-Self

I chose to rise into love with mySelf🌷

I know no women wants to live a suppressed numb unhappy painful purposeless fearful life

we are friends Sister, and I feared this mundane BS too, it’s not truth, it’s a lie

what is really true … YOU get to create your reality! and it starts inside your body!

To embrace our sensuality sexuality pleasure play feminine fierce loving wise kind grounded gentle powerful body – THIS is our TRUTH!

I know that forgetfulness of drinking the poison of societies illusionary non-sense that freedom is only for a few, life is hard, I have to settle, struggle is the norm, bullshit!

YOU are worthy right NOW of Freedom Health bliss pleasure happiness in your feminine body Beauty!

It’s time now, to remember your power, to rise above the status quo, and to know what you desire for your life
IS possible – and you get to choose this.

It all starts with the food you are feeding yourself daily, and how you WANT to feel.

Now Gorgeous,
What does freedom mean to YOU?