Sunday Morning❤️musing in nature …

Do you feel her?

the earth🌏gasm, I feel mothers frequency ripple through my body cells being,
up into my heart
something I never use to feel,
or be able to connect with due to many energy-emotional blocks and Imbalances in my solar plexus sacral and root chakras,

when we open everything up, when we release the trauma the sabotage the imprints the old stuck energy-emotions, the food addictions, and we move the energy,

…living in this body becomes a euphoric awakening of bliss dear sister.

we embody … our divinity .. we awaken …

Are you ready to feel all of you? … and bathe in your magnificence, your goddess, your bliss …?
this morning🌞whilst laying back onto the roots of an ancient tree I saw so clearly all of nature making love, as one constant flow of co-creation,
my plant medicine journeys have showed me this everytime, the never ending ever flowing stream of vibrancy life sensuality connection oneness love … a divine reflection of you and me …
Does a bird 🕊say; “oh should I sing that song”, ofcourse not, it knows it’s divine and sings its song as it’s unique self, lovingly passionately … sing it Sister! express you!
Does a tree🌳worry about it’s imperfections, never, it embraces them,
it is here the light enters, and we rise and transform in this body!
We are pure life🌹force …
trust, let go, and awaken.

What do you need to trust today?

Love & Light
Rise Sister! …come home

Arianna x
#sisterhood #bodyawakening #embodyyou

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