I got lost in societies false claims around nutrition and health for years,
then I woke up

I remember asking myself;
“how can anything really heal the body, unless we remove the cause the root cause – the toxicity…”

Food was once my destroyer,
but I found away to make food my support my healing my awakening
pure bliss pure love
the purest medicine

to feel safe nurtured and totally nourished by food is what you are here for,
no longer a battle
but a blessing

mucus free plant living has been my most epic awakening body and life,
its freedom it’s clarity
it the importance of your health,
and this covers it all, at the core

Plant food IS the medicine, it ALWAYS has been, its ancient from the earth her ego being us home to our sacred body peace and liberation

We are not here for man made medication, pharmas abuse on our body mind and soul,

you deserve so much more respect,
your body is sacred Si⭐️
you body is sacred Brother

we’re here to rise into the light,
to rise into our beauty strength as humans
beings of light
here to bless earth,

My journey with food has taught me so so much,
to NOT believe the hype fad diets
to see through pharma and there toxicity
to believe the body can heal and will heal from anything given the correct energy to do so
to believe plant food has everything the body needs to heal and thrive
to believe the body always wants to heal
to believe your body is your best friend
to believe change is safe
to believe a new way is safe
to believe coming home to truth is everything and needed now

It’s time to stop tip toeing around our health, around the heart of the matter

You matter
Your health matters
The truth matters

Food is energy
Energy is information
We need the correct information

to heal recalibrate rejuvenate and reset
our precious sacred body mind and soul
to awake our hormones back to health
back to higher states of consciousness

Food is frequency
simple and pure

No more messing with it making it out to be this thing we use to hide comfort get attached to need to not feel, I did all this for 2 decades,

Plant food is sacred medicine left by pachamama our sacred mama who loves us so much, and wants to heal us all through her abundantly vibrant delicious medicine

“If your blood is formed from eating pure foods, your brain will function in a manner that will surprise you. Your former life will take on the appearance of a dream, and for the first time your existence your consciousness awakens to a real self-consciousness” ~ Ehret

I pushed sacred Mother Earth away for so long, she longs to bring us home,
to hold you to heal you to be with you

plants hold sacred information codes energy that know exactly what they need to do when they enter the body,
when used correctly, combined eaten and prepared correctly

when we give our body what it thrives off naturally, what it digests easily, what it can uses to heal easily, what doesn’t cause more internal and external battle

from here
the physical body can reset
the emotional body can realign
the mental body can calm
the energetic body can clear
the spiritual body can come back to soul

from this place plant food is being used to cleanse an eliminate, to reset and repair, through pure clean living conscious fruits vegetables greens herbs seeds dried foods and mucus lean foods

the cells get to awaken
Life gets to awaken
the body clears out the old symptoms dis-ease
the Body Awakens
trust is instilled
the heart opens

and here we live
Free in our body
Alive in our heart
Awakened in our soul

It’s liberation.

It’s time now to live it.

How do you want to feel in 2020?

Arianna x

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