Morning bliss, running walking kissing the earth with my naked footsteps, dancing stretching breathing in nature, we get to choose right to let go and let flow and open ourselves up to the new energies that are showering our sacred earth,
or, we can close ourselves away and stay in fear, it’s a choice?

We are liberating ourselves from lifetimes of fear to rise into our true selves, it’s in the darkest of times I’ve reconnected to so much of my light within, and as I sit on my bed my Air bnb (I was on route to Bali but borders closed so in London) deeply honouring this sacred space to see more of myself, to get closer to ourselves than ever before, to see more of ourselves than ever before, to get REAL HONEST RAW with how we feel, and how we’re showing up in this world, because all our actions thoughts behaviours impact each other, we are in this together planet earth family!

London feels so deeply peaceful today, but it is not London that feels this way, it is never the outside that feels that way, it is what we decide to cultivate within – the other day I felt unsettled, I made it about where I was externally, nope, it was something within me that made me feel unsettled, I stopped, I got really still, I listened, I heard the message, and moved through this, to rise into space of even deeper inner peace,

we can run from the darkness within,
or we can face it and honour it and sit with it, witness it and shine our big ass beautiful light on it – that dispel’s all darkness to the light,

here we get to transcend transform and awaken to more of our truest self, which is what this moment right here right now
is ALL about

Big beautiful love to you!

Are you ready for truth in this body?

A xx

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