there is so much energy available to you right now, I know this may sound weird, what do I mean, available, like you can just order more energy … well you kind of can …

it means, shifting the energy input, making the highest choices of information you’re putting into your body mind soul, through food thoughts conversations relationships environments

it’s ALL information, impacting your energy, everything is energy, I feel we all know this by now, well if you’re vibing here with my energy, you definitely get it

so, what information are you putting into your temple? 

is it; acid, alkaline, dead, alive, mucus forming mucus lean mucus free, plants, animals, cooked, raw? 

it all has it’s place in understanding why you are feeling the way you’re feeling, lacking energy, wanting to shift some weight? 

too much acidic cooked mucus animal food will make you feel tired heavy foggy, it causes inflammation, triggering the immune system into false action, causing stress on the hormonal system and creating imbalance, sugar cravings and emotional eating 

when we shift our eating to more alive foods, more alkaline than acid, plenty of raw fresh Whole Foods, this gives our systems natural energy input, allowing healing balance, an uplifting feeling a spaciousness lightness within 

food can heal whatever is going on when we get the balance in place and the root cause is addressed, there is nothing you can’t heal, never forget THIS truth, food is our medicine, you have the power to heal it all dear Woman 

Where’s your acid alkaline food balance at? 

mucho love 💞


PS: you do not have to work this out alone, reach out if you’re ready for 1on1 guidance lovely xx