Are you really going to let money dictate your happiness, your freedom?

is money holding you in limbo, making you hold back on your true desires, on taking action on your health your vision your well-being 

it did me for a long time, UNTIL, I broke free from making the amount of ‘money’ I had, my ‘self-worth’ barometer

…oh when I have that much then I’m worthy to invest in myself, I need to do more before I can invest to feel like I deserve it, then I’m worthy of feeling better and following my vision (some beliefs that ran my life!)

my childhood imprinted beliefs of; there’ll never be enough, save, don’t spend, don’t invest, it’ll run out, buying anything for myself is greedy, do it alone, one or the other, wait till there’s enough (procrastination cycles) money is in charge, it’s hard to come by, means hard work …

I chose to break free from my family’s belief system around money, as I witnessed it holding me back from my growth my expansion my freedom my happiness my truth!

I grounded down deep into my vision, the vision I had in my heart, I became fearless, I did what I had to do to get there

I asked I borrowed, I invested, I created, I acted on the call within my body my soul!

not everyone got my vision, but they didn’t have to, it’s not for them to get, it’s for me to OWN, and take action on whatever it is that is needed to support that vision to awaken

without the focus and commitment I put into my health, I would not be where I am today…

I needed the energy, I needed the confidence, I needed the clarity, I needed the focus, I needed the inner calm to align to create what I wanted to create (In the process of bringing big ideas to life!)

I shifted that fear of not enough (it still comes up, I just know how to work through it very quickly now) needing money certainty to

…love, to the excitement, to act from love for myself, and others, knowing I am worthy 

I started to really live into life, still learning every day, I just don’t let money dictate my life anymore, the currency is within, it’s self-love✨

As I show up for life, 

life shows up for me.

It starts with you.

Own this Beautiful Woman❤️