this Great Body Awakening as a catalyst into deeper maturity, as someone who spent her life running pushing being so impatient trying to prove herself to others, trying to escape the pain

tuning into the beat of Mother Earth the schumann resonance, it’s slow, its unconditional love its ahhhh …everything is always working out perfectly for me, everything is perfect, ahhhh

taking full responsibility for everything – for the wholeness of it all, no blame no regret no judgement no what if, living in the now, taking my highest step forward🌈👣♥️

there is no past no future there is only now, a focus into expansion of maturity that births super abundance within us from the NOW, it’s all here💃🏻

I saw how my immaturity created stress fear anger frustration pain suffering – all lessons – to be-coming the true-Self, so good,
see it👀

I came to experience my trueSelf flow clarity light freedom, way less thinking, way MORE feeling, WOW, 🤩anything is possible

NEVER thought I would be writing this,
I am home to love to clarity to peace🌹

Beauty, it’s your mind telling you porky pies, it’s all lies, you can choose, the mind will continue unless you tame it, of course it still catches me, but now my awareness catches IT

I found mindfulness as my practice to freedom, to tune into my true brains- heart gut and womb, not programmed answers – activated from a pure clean body temple hear clear feel clear

Toxicity OUT💊Purity IN🌿

Mindfulness Exercise🔥

🧘🏻‍♀️Sit comfortably and rock back and forth and ground yourself in YOUR centre
💭Bring your awareness to your thoughts, no judgement- what are you thinking?
🧠If it’s not supporting you, change the thought to a higher outcome
👁Focus on this higher thought, repeat it over and over in your minds eye (third eye point) you’ll activate clarity and intuition

…feeling your KNOWING🌏

Embrace the beauty of knowing you can take control of your thoughts, slow down and begin to live a life that feels effortless graceful healthy and free

Arianna ♥️