Body Awakening Ibiza Retreat-Program 2019

Body Awakening Ibiza Retreat-Program 2019

Body Awakening Ibiza Retreat-Program 2019

Remove ~ Repair ~ Rekindle ~ Rejuvenate ~ Recharge ~ Reawaken

‘I lost 7lbs in only 6 days, I feel full of energy, have strong mental clarity and feel uplifted, I’m literally glowing, my skin is amazing, I feel incredible’ ~ S.A

Experience True Liberation In Your Body As You Release

Your Excess Weight, Cravings & Sluggishness,

Embodying A New Vibrant Energy, Clarity

& Connection To Yourself, 

You Are Sumptuous Vitality & Free From Dis-ease

Get To The Root & Set Yourself Free!


Why Struggle For Years Trying To Work It All Out Alone, When You Can Follow A Proven Path, One That I’ll Tailor-Make To Your Body, & Your Specific Health Needs & Challenges

Arianna Aunon ND is an Award-Winning Women’s health, detoxification and thyroid health specialist, having had her own huge healing journey from hypothyroid, autoimmune, anxiety, weight fluctuations, exhaustion, adrenal burnout, bloating, eating disorders and hormonal chaos, she knows first hand how tough the struggle can be, but she’s found a clear way through it all from her near decade in this field, and wants to share it with you too.

She works with women worldwide from all walks of life; mums, coaches, mentors, healers, writers, celebrities, multi-millionaires – the ladies who seek Arianna’s support have already tried so much, or nothing at all – their weight gain, exhaustion, brain fog, eating habits, patterns, cravings, anxiety, bloating is causing them so much pain and struggle, and they just want to feel well again, energised and at peace in their bodies.

The only way YOU can truthfully allow the body to start healing itself, is with Cellular Detoxification, cellular dis-ease is the core of all dis-ease; we can eat super healthy, drink a ton of green juice’s, eat raw, drink lots of water, exercise, take our supplements, take our herbs… and the reason it doesn’t work, is because all the waste and toxicity is still in your cells,

You have to get this out of your body to return to True Blissful Health,

Arianna shares more below in the video…

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‘5 Days into the retreat and 3 years of chronic back pain gone, sugar cravings disappeared, downloads have been so clear and powerful, and my connection to source feels even stronger. It was an amazing process.’ ~ K.R

Gorgeous, there is an easier way through all this...

“Rest allows the body to focus its energy on eliminating what is not serving it” ~ Dr Morse

The Body Awakening Ibiza Program

I’m introducing you to a proven natural process that will remove decades of accumulated toxins from your body, more effectively than any other process or product I know of, its about this – V = P – O(VITALITY = POWER – OBSTRUCTION )

Through alive high vibration food from the gods, fasting, detoxification methods, frequency healing via a state of the art body scanner & an environment set to support your body awakening,

Your Whole Body & Life Will Be Reset & Reawakened

To Its Most Aligned, Blissful, Purposeful & Joyful State.

In ONLY 6 days you can burn up to 10Ibs of excess fat & more, embody a load more energy, motivation, peace, clarity & freedom,

and obtain rich healing and vitality at your core.

What MORE will this do for you…


Regain COMPLETE physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health, by removing cellular toxicity and reseting your hormones


Burn up to 10Ibs of excess fat in 6 days & more & live your ideal body shape


Break self-destructive food cravings, habits, patterns & set yourself free


Reach a much deeper connection with your body & with love


Illumination on your beautiful skin


Feel energised, inspired & clear, embody a deeply ALIVENESS and internal calm


Discover delicious foods that will OPTIMISE your wellbeing


Embody an even more empowered self, feel deeply nourished & rested in your heart


You’ll bathe in the magnetic waters to pH your body and rid dis-ease

utterly immersed in your body, where you’ll get to know all of you, get to be all you, and get to awaken all of you, so you receive the health and healing you so abundantly deserve.

Nourish yourself vibrantly

Food medicine to awaken your health frequency, where you’ll be energised, activated and healed as every cell in your being is feed with life force, and obstructive waste is removed gently and loving. The magic and miracles of  fasting, detoxing and cleansing bliss will nourish you all the way to looking and feeling your most vibrant alive self. 

Be enchanted by an extraordinary coastal walk

to awaken your senses, get grounded and embark on a whole body experience through The Ibizenco portal to your next level. We’ll walk through portal gates of gold, a tonic for your body, mind and spirit.

Within our secluded luxurious Body Awakening oasis you’ll receive a state-of-the-art whole body scan, where you’ll experience your bodies vibration being read and translated onto screen, with your results revealed immediately, part of our future medicine. DNA and frequency recoding and recalibrating of your imbalanced organs, hormones, nerves and deep frequency gut healing, tailored to your exact body needs and challenges. 

Heres How It Looks

Program preparation starts between 1st-14th March & Our 6 body awakening days on the magical Island of IBIZA starts 7-13th April 2019


All your high vibration plant food at our luxurious secluded oasis


1on1 Consultation & 2-4 week transition prior to Ibiza


1on1 Full state-of-the-art body scan, health report, 5 frequency healing sessions, DNA recoding & reseting your hormones


6 day detox process to nurture and awaken your whole-body


Daily yoga flow, body toning & alignment


Daily fasting, cleansing & detoxing on all levels


Quiet time to journal/read/relax by the pool with views over Es Vedra & crystal blue waters


Daily breath work & energy healing


Coastal walk to bathe in magnetic waters to regulate your body's pH for deep healing, weight loss & energy alignment


A coastal walk through golden portal gates to awaken your senses and balance your whole-being


6 nights in your own private luxurious en-suite double bedroom


3 months of tailored health support specific to your desired outcome-vital for integration & deep healing


Whats not included…






Its always the right time, the time is now! 

Move boldy forward and see your rewards, there is so much gold in this moment,

I always say – If we risk nothing, We risk everything! 

Let your heart guide you, is she calling you to heal …

Is it your time to heal?

Is our Ibiza Oasis calling you?

Are you ready to heal your body and feel totally liberated?

*Spaces Very Limited

If you’re interested, lets have a chat.

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More Energy, Clarity, Confidence, Weight-loss & Freedom 100% GUARANTEED! 

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