The Body Awakening

Experience liberating shifts in your body and all areas of your life

The Body Awakening

Experience liberating shifts in your body and all areas of your life

The Body Awakening

Experience liberating shifts in your body and all areas of your life

The Body Awakening

Experience liberating shifts in your body and all areas of your life


The Body Awakening 2020 in Tulum’s epic world heritage Biosphere, and on the quartz crystal Island of Ibiza for a vibrant weeks Body Awakening cellular detox, 7-day deep immersion retreat using the mucus-free lifestyle and the guidance of sacred plant-food medicine to awaken the body and ignite the best version of onesself, liberating one’s body emotions and life back to truth, peace and bliss.

Arianna work’s with your bespoke experience on the retreat to guide you into grounding into your true self, grounding into the most vibrant alive body, and anchoring your truth into showing up as the best version of onesself, more alive and connected in the body and in the world!

“Amazing experience working with Arianna, this lady really understands true health on all levels – physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. Recommend highly!” Katrina Ruth, Australia

Do you want to experience the best version of you, your body awakening and shifts in yourself and all areas of your life?


Reset total physical, mental, emotional, energetic & spiritual health


Lose up to 14 Ibs of excess weight in 7 days


Shed self-destructive food cravings, habits & patterns & set yourself free


Reach a much deeper connection with your body & trust again, as you come home to your true self, awakening your feminine sovereignty & sensuality


Look & feel illuminated in your energy & skin, reseting your sacred hormones


Feel energised, inspired & clear, embody a deep aliveness and internal calm


Discover delicious foods that will optimise your wellbeing & awaken your happiness, joy & peace


Embody your empowered self; feel deeply nourished, rested & satisfied in your heart & soul

And so much more

It’s a total BODY & life RESET

“The retreat was the most nourishing and incredible experience. Arianna is ahead of her game and the soulful space she held has left me on another level. I feel re-set after years lost in my own mind. A truly unique week.
It delved so much deeper than just food but in an enjoyable and enriching way. This led to small but continual shifts that eventually set deep for being back in my own reality. 
Arianna is authentic and this was the switch that finally allowed me to put my trust in someone. She has another level of knowledge to nutrionlists I’ve met, a bigger picture that brings you back to your true self, and it was so good to pass my doubts into her hands and just embrace it. 
The support you get before, during and after the week for me was the biggest of nourishments. The constant holding of the space that created the safety to let go is for me the key to the transformation and the difference to other retreats. The continuation after the retreat for several weeks is essential and just enforces the new shifts until you can keep shifting on your own. 
I trusted her and am off a high dose of thyroid medication I’ve been on for 14 toxic years, I’ve lost 3 stone in 7 weeks, dropped 3-4 dress sizes and my skin looks so young, I feel so well.

I cannot thank you enough vibrant, healthy, wonderful woman πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’›πŸ™ŒπŸΌ X”
Emma, UK

Vibrant healing plant-food for body awakening & cellular upgrades

Cellular detox process to reset the body hormones and DNA for body freedom

Wildcraft organic blessed cellular herbs & plants to repair & rejuventate

Personal 1:1 alchemy support and full body frequency scan & report

Reset of throat & sacral chakra for communication connection creativity purpose & sensuality awakening

Embodiment through dance voice and nature

Tapping into higher states of liberation and bliss

Fruit and fasting to activate natural bliss clarity and freedom, opening the heart

Kundalini Yoga & breathwork ceremonies 

A safe relaxing natural healing environment

Sound healing and cellular regeneration for optimal wellbeing 

And much, much more

Beautiful, there is an easier way through it all …

Bathe in magnetic waters

utterly immersed in your body, where you’ll get to know all of you, get to be all you, and get to awaken all of you, so you receive the health and healing you so abundantly deserve and desire.

Nourish yourself vibrantly

mucus-free plant-food medicine to awaken your health frequency, where you’ll be energised, activated and healed as every cell in your being is feed with life force and RE-set, as obstructive waste is removed gently and loving, the magic and miracles of  cellular detoxification will blissful nourish you all the way to looking and feeling your most vibrant alive true-self, totally liberated in your body and high in your heart. 

Reset your entire body through frequency

receive a state-of-the-art whole body scan, where you’ll experience your bodies vibration being read and translated onto screen, with your results revealed immediately, part of our future medicine. DNA and frequency recoding and recalibrating of your imbalanced organs, hormones, nerves and deep frequency gut healing, tailored to your exact body needs and challenges. Using this machine to alter the frequency of the body moving energy to reset your hormones rid body pain align your systems and heal any imbalances. so powerful.

“Oh my word where do I begin to thank you Arianna, what a simply amazing week we just had in Ibiza. Before arriving my trust and belief in you was very high following on from Body Awakening Accelerator program … but now I just love you for everything you did whilst we were in our incredible bubble, and for the way I’m feeling right now!
Before I arrived my mind was like a mess of sticky spaghetti, my emotions were all over the place and I had pain in my hip. I had no focus on what I was going to do next or how. Last week, however, you changed all that and I was a willing partner! 
I’m now sitting writing this with a head that is completely clear, a heart that is singing, my hip which you zapped no longer hurts, pain free, and my body feels great. 
Now I’m truly looking forward to whatever comes my way. Since coming back I’ve moved back into my house, emptied boxes with full of energy and am feeling happy and focused in my environment. A week ago the idea of this move terrified me. 
In Ibiza we lived in luxury like Royalty, over-looking awe inspiring views of Es Vedra. What I want to say is Arianna you were there every step of the way, I felt so supported throughout the week, in every way, you really looked after us. How could I fail to feel amazing after all that!
Yes, I’m a changed women.
What a week, all I can say is trust Arianna and just “go for it”, it’ll give you a new perspective on reality, what food really is and why we must eat what’s right for us. “Let medicine be our food and let food be our medicine”.
Thank you always, Arianna, I hold the deepest gratitude to you. I will never forget Ibiza. I LOVE you!!”
Nikki, UK

Trust the calling

Come home



Drop into the Magic of  The Body Awakening and awaken to a body paradise β€¦ liberated, centred, calm, tuned-in and living your highest vision.

Spaces Limited

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“Arianna provides and maintains the safest space that allows you to be free and your true self, no judgment only acceptance of where you’re at in life. I feel like I’ve shed so many layers of chaos from my body, feeling aligned again with who I am and why I’m on this earth. The confidence I’ve gained in myself through being nurtured and supported by Arianna is immense. I’ve reconnected with my sensuality and I feel so much more feminine, lighter and clear! Highly recommended! Thank you from the bottom of my heartπŸ’—β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›” Alexandra, UK