The Body Awakening

The Body Awakening

The Body Awakening

your precious body,
you love her and do so much to take care of her,

but still things slip

and you don’t feel so great right now,
let’s be honest,
you know things need to change now,
and you know what,
the dreams you have of that luscious confident peaceful body, flat tummy, flexible, glowing and ooozing vitality out of your every cell

Living and thriving as the BEST version of you!

where it all feels so easy to just be in your body, eat and feel free to express and thrive in alignment with your truth,
you hold your head up high

Yet inside you feel exhausted, weights not where you want it to be, foggy, stressed, craving sugar, eating crap way to often, sluggish,
life is busy, the business work the kids the juggling of it all, leaves you just wanting to grab the chocolate sugar carbs crunchy soft textures

it’s like something inside you just takes control and you only realize when you’ve eaten the whole bar of chocolate or bag of corn chips or sugar carb pancakes 

you want that pick-me-up, emotions are high, and the food soothes things, but you know that sugar coffee carbs the processed stuff
IS NOT SERVING your high vibe
Your energy
your body vision
the feelings you desire to feel inside yourself

Your hormones
Your digestion
Your hips
Your cravings
Your bloat
The excess weight
It’s all getting you down and you know it has to be given your attention,

So you cut the excuses stories and take charge of what’s going on here, you put your crown back on your head, hold yourself high, and remember how important you are how much you matter – your health feeling wellbeing is
so important to your vision, impacting your life, you know this at your core in your soul 

Remembering right in this moment

that it’s time to

Your body back to the rightful place you know is waiting for you,

Where you feel totally at peace, flexible, aligned, expressed, a feminine radiance flowing out of you as you move and create,
only wanting vibrant foods that feed your soul, not your emotions and cravings

A place of liberation – that sheds what no longer serves you and brings you home to your health sovereignty

Ready to re-connect to YOU and feel a deep unfolding of magic within your heart,
where you open up to everything
and feel total peace in your body and life?

A body liberation journey
Coming home to your heart
and healing it all…

Beyond self
Into oneness

Here you will experience unity
love within, all around you

No longer will you feel alone lost fearful
craving chaotic heavy in pain
But connected confident calm free uplifted abundant in joy
will be your natural state of BEing

We go beyond the Body
quantum, grounded, next level awakening, and practical 
through mucus free living
cellular regeneration and frequency

Reversal of age, as we instil a rich vitality at cell level 

the Queen reclaiming her throne
at home in her ease strength presence calm of living life on her terms in a body free from stress
and totally aligned

Shedding the emotions
Shedding the weight
Shedding the fear
Shedding the exhaustion
Shedding the brain fog
Shedding the hypothyroidism

As you,

Come home to peace
Come home to lightness
Come home to love
Come home to vibrancy
Come home to clarity
Come home to liberation

Detox cleanse regenerate anti-age the body
removing toxicity at a cellular level and RESETING all internal systems
kidneys liver endocrine glands digestive system and lymphatic
and the body will heal

Reclaiming your sovereignty
Opening your heart
Releasing that which no longer serves you
Opening to love
Re-awakening the trust inside yourself
Coming home to your birthright of FREEDOM to be you

Using mucus-free plant-food frequency bodywork botanicals breath activation recoding repairing age reversal

the body is RESET to Abundance 

as stimulants are removed
adrenals heal
The Body Awakens
elimination pathways become free
hormones reset
obstruction is cleared out
the mind-body is liberated

the body is re-connected to natures rhythms, where your truest self is freed
your soul is released
the Queen is crowned
and fully steps into her queendom

alive in your soul
high in your heart
healed in your body
living in your magic.

“Amazing experience working with Arianna, this lady really understands true health on all levels – physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. Recommend highly!” Katrina, Australia

As seen in British Vogue and White-Ibiza Luxury Living.

What MORE will this do for you …

“I’m so honoured to be holding such sacred space with you


Regain COMPLETE physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health, by removing cellular toxicity and reseting your hormones & cells


Burn up to 10Ibs of excess weight in 6 days & up to 3 stone in 8 weeks & live your dream body shape


Shed self-destructive food cravings, habits & patterns effortlessly & set yourself free to speak your truth


Reach a much deeper connection with your body, rekindle that trust as you come home to your true self, standing free in your feminine power


Look & feel luminous in your beautiful skin, as your vitality & beauty shines bright with ease


Feel energised, inspired & clear, embody a deep ALIVENESS and internal calm


Discover delicious foods that will OPTIMISE your wellbeing & awaken your happiness, joy & peace


Embody your empowered self, feel deeply nourished, rested & satisfied in your heart & soul, live the BEST YOU!


Book Your Free Body Breakthrough Call Today If You'd Love To Explore This Vibrant Opportunity

“The retreat was the most nourishing and incredible experience. Arianna is ahead of her game and the soulful space she held has left me on another level. I feel re-set after years lost in my own mind. A truly unique week.
It delved so much deeper than just food but in an enjoyable and enriching way. This led to small but continual shifts that eventually set deep for being back in my own reality. 
Arianna is authentic and this was the switch that finally allowed me to put my trust in someone. She has another level of knowledge to nutrionlists I’ve met, a bigger picture that brings you back to your true self, and it was so good to pass my doubts into her hands and just embrace it. 
The support you get before, during and after the week for me was the biggest of nourishments. The constant holding of the space that created the safety to let go is for me the key to the transformation and the difference to other retreats. The continuation after the retreat for several weeks is essential and just enforces the new shifts until you can keep shifting on your own. 
I trusted her and am off a high dose of thyroid medication I’ve been on for 14 toxic years, I’ve lost 3 stone in 7 weeks, dropped 3-4 dress sizes and my skin looks so young, I feel so well.

I cannot thank you enough vibrant, healthy, wonderful woman 🙏🏽💛🙌🏼 X”
Emma, UK

Heres How It Looks … 


Includes all high vibration living food at our luxurious secluded oasis


1:1 zoom call prior to Ibiza or Marbella


private Full state-of-the-art bodywork frequency machine scan, health report & frequency healing sessions, DNA recoding, reseting & repairing organs & hormones


6 or 7 day cellular detox retreat with 2 or 3 trainings to fully reeducate - with mucus-free living food, fasting, wildcraft herbs, frequency healing, natures rhythms and cellular healing, in a supported and safe space held by Arianna's grounding presence


Daily master yoga, body toning & alignment


Quiet time to journal/read/relax alone in nature in the cosy spots around the villa


Daily Embodiment - dancing, singing & breath-work


(IBIZA only)Coastal walk and bathing in magnetic waters to regulate your body's pH for deep healing, weight loss & energy alignment


5 or 6 nights in your own private double bedroom


2 weeks 1:1 support with Arianna to integrate and awaken your deepest truth and alignment to your visions as the retreat fully resets your body and liberates all of you

Whats not included…





Beautiful there is an easier way through all this...

THIS, is it Gorgeous!


Hey, I’m Arianna Aunon, an Award-Winning Womens Health Thyroid and Detoxification Specialist, and I work with amazing women like you, who want to feel their best and know theres more to this health thing … and yes this, totally with you on it,

I currently live in Southern Spain, an absolute lover of the ocean, nature, travel, and a totally over excited vibrant plant-foody health enthusiast 🙂

After many many years of going around the NOT so merry go round trying to sort out my own health and endless list of symptoms, feeling lost inside, always doing, running away from myself, shrinking my light, and getting trapped in societies mistruths around the body and what health is.

I finally said yes.

to not stopping till I found the truth on this health detox and body thing, and to awakening to my true self once again, that little girl who felt so free in the Devon fields, to just be herself, and now, well,

here we are –

I have healed my endless list of symptoms, all naturally, and all fully, they haven’t returned, and I know get to inspire motivate educate and empower women like you to do the same, and live a life full of the liberation and the inner-peace and confidence you dream of.

Living the best version of YOU.

Listen –

I know you have this burning desire inside you to feel vibrant have a fit healthy body and feel deeply aligned and connected to yourself, trusting yourself, knowing yourself on a whole other level to most, glowing and expressing your truest self and soul, I know you dream about just feeling that deep inner-peace and freedom in your body and voice, where you radiate confidence, where you can just spread your wings and fly,

You feel different to others, like this yearning wont stop within you to be more of yourself, to keep expanding, growing, healing, learning more about YOU.

AND this is golden,

But at some point you need to say yes to that, to you

So Gorgeous, let me show you how to do this without the overwhelm and chaos of trying to work it all out alone,

Whatever is going on for you, its healable and your dream vision is 100% possible for you! 

Bathe in magnetic waters

utterly immersed in your body, where you’ll get to know all of you, get to be all you, and get to awaken all of you, so you receive the health and healing you so abundantly deserve and desire.

Nourish yourself vibrantly

mucus-free plant-food medicine to awaken your health frequency, where you’ll be energised, activated and healed as every cell in your being is feed with life force and RE-set, as obstructive waste is removed gently and loving, the magic and miracles of  cellular detoxification will blissful nourish you all the way to looking and feeling your most vibrant alive true-self, totally liberated in your body and high in your heart. 

 of of Reset your entire body through frequency

receive a state-of-the-art whole body scan, where you’ll experience your bodies vibration being read and translated onto screen, with your results revealed immediately, part of our future medicine. DNA and frequency recoding and recalibrating of your imbalanced organs, hormones, nerves and deep frequency gut healing, tailored to your exact body needs and challenges. Using this machine to alter the frequency of the body moving energy to reset your hormones rid body pain align your systems and heal any imbalances. so powerful.

“Oh my word where do I begin to thank you Arianna, what a simply amazing week we just had in Ibiza. Before arriving my trust and belief in you was very high following on from Body Awakening Accelerator program … but now I just love you for everything you did whilst we were in our incredible bubble, and for the way I’m feeling right now!
Before I arrived my mind was like a mess of sticky spaghetti, my emotions were all over the place and I had pain in my hip. I had no focus on what I was going to do next or how. Last week, however, you changed all that and I was a willing partner! 
I’m now sitting writing this with a head that is completely clear, a heart that is singing, my hip which you zapped no longer hurts, pain free, and my body feels great. 
Now I’m truly looking forward to whatever comes my way. Since coming back I’ve moved back into my house, emptied boxes with full of energy and am feeling happy and focused in my environment. A week ago the idea of this move terrified me. 
In Ibiza we lived in luxury like Royalty, over-looking awe inspiring views of Es Vedra. What I want to say is Arianna you were there every step of the way, I felt so supported throughout the week, in every way, you really looked after us. How could I fail to feel amazing after all that!
Yes, I’m a changed women.
What a week, all I can say is trust Arianna and just “go for it”, it’ll give you a new perspective on reality, what food really is and why we must eat what’s right for us. “Let medicine be our food and let food be our medicine”.
Thank you always, Arianna, I hold the deepest gratitude to you. I will never forget Ibiza. I LOVE you!!”

Nikki, UK

Trust your calling …

Trust this moment Gorgeous

Come home to your Heart

Come home to your True self

Come home to your liberated Body 


 Drop into the autumn beat of Ibiza and awaken to your body paradise … liberated, centred, calm, tuned-in and living your highest vision.

Ready to Heal Beautiful?

Ready to feel absolutely blissfully liberated in your body?

*Spaces Very Limited

If you’re interested, lets have a chat.

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Results 100% GUARANTEED! 

Book Your Body Breakthrough Call Today If You'd Like To Explore This Vibrant Opportunity

As seen in British Vogue and White-Ibiza Luxury Living.

“Arianna provides and maintains the safest space that allows you to be free and your true self, no judgment only acceptance of where you’re at in life. I feel like I’ve shed so many layers of chaos from my body, feeling aligned again with who I am and why I’m on this earth. The confidence I’ve gained in myself through being nurtured and supported by Arianna is immense. I’ve reconnected with my sensuality and I feel so much more feminine, lighter and clear! Highly recommended! Thank you from the bottom of my heart💗❤️🧡💛” Alexandra, UK