We begin in …










Women are rising, Women are awakening, 

Are you one of them?

When I realized that the way I treated myself, spoke to myself, feed myself, cared for myself, was everything, and impacted every area of my life,

from that day I committed to my self-love journey, I committed to change, and to keep shifting until self-love became so natural to me, as it’s meant to for us all, yet it’s such a tough journey when we don’t know where to start.

I had so many self-worth issues, stories, patterns playing out in many areas of my life, and I HAD to change, I had to believe I could love myself – for me to return to a place of self-love and loving my precious body.

I made this a priority of mine. I made falling back in love with my body and myself a priority, and it changed my life forever, and allowed me to …

  • Find a consistency with my health
  • To tune back into a pure happiness and ease in my body and life
  • To rekindle my confidence to speak on stages worldwide; (UK, Spain and Bali)
  • To run my own Business online, hold epic Body Awakening Retreats and belief in my big vision!
  • Being awarded 2 years in a row Best Women’s Health Specialist UK 2018 and 2019
  • Healing my body from hypothyroid, deep childhood trauma, severe anxiety, no self-esteem, no confidence, severe digestive issues, always holding back my words, hiding my true self, blocked chakras, chronic toxicity, PMS, auto-immune, fear of speaking on stage (theres more …)

Ask yourself “If I was to truly love myself and love my body, what would I be able to achieve, what would I be doing that I’m not doing now?”

On a planet that is pure mother, pure feminine at its core, women have been distracted, cut off, disconnected from their sovereignty that is, self-love, do you feel this?

the freedom the creativity the bliss the flow the ease – in your body

Pushing, rushing, giving away your power, putting everyone else first, totally forgetting about you and your body, pleasing another instead of yourself …

we’re all so unique but also very alike…at some point in your life, you have put your body down…. stopped loving your body and yourself, for some this is a phase that we pass through, but for others….maybe yourself, 

it’s a space you’ve lingered for far to long now…

And if you’ve been there. 

You know that this is a self destructive place. 

A place you do not have to stay.

Where you spend your days at war with yourself. You attack your body. 

You ambush your emotions, 

tell yourself to stop being so …



Shouting at yourself “to get on with it” “be stronger!” “It’s just a diet!” 

…so much fear it wont work for you, so you freeze, you play the waiting game, telling yourself it will change, but you know nothing changes unless different action is taken, 

….some days you wish you could Be Anything … but you. 

So many women …

you, the past me, have felt uncomfortable in our body 

Uncomfortable being feminine 

Uncomfortable being sensual

Uncomfortable being seen

You think to yourself …

“I don’t love myself, so how could someone else love me?”

“I hate my body so how can my partner find me attractive, or how will I ever find my man?”

“Its better I just hide away and stay unnoticed!”

“I am not beautiful, stop looking at me”.

You tried to change your body. 

But you continually fail on the diets and “healthy” promises that you set for yourself, over and over again 

So your self hatred builds within your heart, your heart hurts, and your mind feels scrambled and busy, 

You build an emotional armour of negative statements about your body that you carry with you. The war with your body goes on.

You march on from battle ground to battle ground 

Each time you have to buy a new outfit: you start a new war

Each time you meet a new partner: the same pattern repeats, because you’re still not happy inside your body 

Each time you get dressed for an event: you start a new war 

Each day you wake to work: the lack of clarity, motivation and presence continues, you feel so disconnected 


You wish to feel deeply present and connected to your body 

You wish to wake rested liberated alive and confident in your body 

You wish to be seen heard and acknowledged for being you


You pinch your belly fat in the mirror

You scratch our skin

You rub your face with chemicals that are supposedly meant to help?!

You keep telling yourself “maybe this is it for me”

You try starving yourself  

You binge eat so you don’t have to feel the pain

You punish yourself with another extreme exercise routine 

You want to inject, lift and pull


And then…

You cry 

You fall,

And finally….you’ve had enough….enough is enough… 

Its time.

I’ve been right here too! I wanted to give it all up, give in and just disappear, maybe you’ve felt this too,

DON’T give up, if you are here you are so close to that breakthrough you’ve been wishing for,

you are so close, but you have to say yes to your dreams if you want it …

Maybe you’ve been thinking: Is this it? 

Is this how my life is supposed to be? 

Is this how my body is supposed to feel? 

Is this how I am supposed to feel about myself? 


No lovely, it’s not.


This is the new beginning. 

This moment. right here. is your time for change.


Together we will end all wars, all the conflicts, all the arguments, all the pain, 

all the disconnect and discomfort


Where you will feel that true sisterhood, no judgement, no criticism, no nit-picking, instead, pure loving support and connection from the heart, 

its from this place we get to grow and rise into more of ourselves …


Together we will blossom from a place of darkness into the light

Spreading your sacred petals wide, ready to fly to new heights

Where you feel supported

Where you feel nourished

Where you get to truly experience what it feels like to be gentle on yourself and heal from a place of ease and grace 


Able to stand proud, confident, free and connected to your body, having the peace inside you to; 

Be seen

“Here I am 

And I am beautiful.”

You are learning to love yourself.

Everyday you feel a shift, you feel even better, you feel more connected, you feel more at peace in yourself.


It’s time for body confidence

it’s time for self care

It’s time for love, true love for every curve and sacred part of your amazing body

It’s time to feel sensual in your body and confident in your voice 

It’s time to feel your body as a place of calm and joy

Its time to re-connect to her 


Listen to her deepest desires and support her as you learn to love her for the incredible vessel she is, best-friends,  that lift each other up and support each other all the way, through every up and down


All she’s ever wanted is to be your best friend, 

and shes also had enough of the battle, 

Its time for nurturing and loving 


It’s time to learn about her…what is she telling you? 

 Connect to her. Hold her. 

 Gently caressing your skin as you whisper….

 ”I hear you, and I love you and I am sorry, please forgive me, let’s start again….”

And I promise you, she will forgive you as the two of you finally come home together, as you start working together again, as you leave your mind and drop down into your brave heart, and learn to love your body in 10 days…

You can heal your body & fall in love with yourself.

Arianna x


Ready to fall in love with yourself and love your body? 

  • Rekindle your self-love

  • Achieve even more!

  • Weight loss, dressing up becomes a joy again!

  • Eliminate stress in the body and your life

  • Have Healthy happy aligned hormones

  • Beat the toxic food cravings

  • Boost mental clarity and focus

  • Feel at peace in your body and thoughts

  • Boost positivity and open your heart to love

  • Learn how easy healthy eating can be and how sustainable it really is

  • See yourself desire healthy foods easily

  • Boost your body confidence and true self-expression

  • Reset your digestive system

  • Recharge your nervous system

  • Realign your endocrine glands (the masters of your body and hormones)




with Award-Winning
Womens Health Specialist

Arianna Aunon

10 DAYS to love your body. 10 days holds an energy of transformation, the body gets to embrace a daily shift that locks in a vibrant new energy which allows you each day to come home to more of yourself, peaceful  connected, calm and confident in your body and self.

It’ll flow like this;

  • Daily live training’s straight into our private safe group space, all recorded and saved into the group if you can’t make it live 
  • Daily Q&A, so you get real daily support to guide you through your body love journey, knowing you’re on track and your wishes are DONE!
  • Supporting downloadable pdf’s
  • MP4 recordings


Module 1 How to set a healthy Body-Food foundation and feel grounded and centred in your choices
Module 2 – The 7 pillars to Mucus-free-lean-plant-based Transition Nutrition 
Module 3 – The Ultimate body and energy rejuvenation
Module 4Know your Hormone Rhythms and how to keep them healthy and yourself happy from the inside-out
Module 5The truth on healing your Heart (Core of your life, love) Throat (Thyroid/communication/truth) and Sacral (hormones/balance/sensuality) centres to heal your physical and emotional bodies 
Modules 6-83 Day BodyLove Reset, and how to feel and look your best fast
Module 9How to re-connect your body and heart to ignite peace and healing in yourself daily 
Module 10 The answer to self-love integration and freedom in your body 


Its time to fall in love with yourself

Its time to fall back in love with your precious body 

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IM SO READY Arianna!


Amazing lovely, Im so excited for you, so heres all the details;

I’m going to share support and give to you the most transformational self-love tools, body-healing processes and nutritional teachings and trainings so you get to come back to a place of peace and ease in your body, rekindle love for yourself and ignite a healthy body back into alignment, SO YOU START feeling confident, clear, light, calm and awaken the strength into your body.

Loving your body so you feel a deep connection thats makes you feel the support thats always wiht you, nourishing you and supporting you to move forward in life.

They’ll be daily live content delivered into the group, PDFs, recipes, home content, exercises, audios. And so much more. The exact content that will get you reconnected to Your Body and all the results you desire.

Module 1Setting Healthy Body-Food Foundations, into your body-bliss and self-love, setting a mindset and energy to support your journey, so you keep moving forward, empowered and alive for the shifts to come, you feel excited about your healing journey, no longer is it a chore, but a divine ride of tending to your sacred land within, just like your garden, she needs attention and love, here you will rekindle and unlock a foundation that supports you always – we will reset your gut brain connection to aligned and healthy
Module 2 – 7 pillars to Mucus-free-lean Transition Nutrition, that will support you life-long, vibrant eating, food becomes so much easier, food becomes your best friend and so does your body, this marrying of you your food and your body, when this all lands and you come home to to a place of liberation and joy around food, no longer is it a struggle, everything drops away as you use food to lift you up in so many ways, as you see your body connection thrive and your sovereignty rise – we will give the body what it thrives off and it’ll be delicious 
Module 3 – The Ultimate body & energy rejuvenation, a liberating recharge, you get to feel and embody clarity, focus, balance, and food becomes a joy, no measuring, analysing, fear or worrying if you’re getting what you need, but a clear structure of nutrition that supports you nourishs you and frees up so much energy time and releases stress, you feel your old skin shed as you come home to pure free and grounded – elimination pathways and endocrine glands will be nurtured back into health
Module 4Hormone Rhythms, to heal at the root, deeply nourishing your nervous system and master glands, hormones balance, its always about your hormones, its never about the calories, a journey back to self-love and bodylove, where you re-connect to your natural flow and rhythms and sacred beauty, self-love becomes a part of who you are and as you rekindle that love for yourself, love appears all around you in so many wonderful forms – as the master organisers are reset and healed, you get to feel your innate state of body freedom
Module 5Heart throat and sacral chakra Reset, for self-love and liberation, opening up your expression communication and truth, strengthening your connection to making the highest choices round food, healing any thryoid imbalance (80% women have it and dont know it), you’ll experience an inner activation where breath is used to nurture you heal you awaken you and drop you more into your brave heart, releasing old emotions and clearing your sacral chakra of any stuck energy, and brining you home to your sacred flow sensuality balance abundance and passion.
Modules 6-83 day BodyLove Reset, a gentle awakening and healing of your cells hormones digestion nervous system and kidneys (batteries of life) back into a healthy state, shifting the frequency of your organs into a place of vibrant health, you’ll feel a loving connection to your body, an ease and new wave of energy, where you awaken your body back to a place of freedom and confidence, clean clear and connected, looking and feeling your best!
Module 9Body & Heart re-connection, a release of the old, as your body mind and soul connects to your sacred energy, energy channels are cleared, and energy is freed up, a brave heart is awoken and expression is freed, deeply present in your body and free in your mind, a Goddess strength is awoken in every cell of your being, a RE-SET is totally installed
Module 10Self-love Integration, our final day together we anchor in all our work shifts upgrades and healing, where you’re entire body will be reset recoded reconnected to your divine truth of ease in your body, love in your body, pure liberation, your entire body will feel new, and you’ll be taking fresh new vibrant loving balanced energy into a ne decade 2020.

You get to experience true health in a body you love, eating food you find so satisfying and nourishing, and at total peace with your healing journey, knowing your body is feeling better each and everyday!


Are you ready?

Are you in?


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It’s Your Time Gorgeous!

Lets awaken true health inside you!

I’m Arianna Aunon, an Award-Winning Womens Health Thyroid and Detoxification Specialist, and I work with amazing women like you, who want to feel their best and know theres more to this health thing … and yes, I’m totally with you on this,

I currently live in Southern Spain, an absolute lover of the ocean, nature, travel, dance, healing, adventure and a totally excited about food as medicine, a vibrant health enthusiast, it’s all about finding the real awakening and most effective tools to transform the body and preserve vitality 🙂

After many many years of going around the NOT so merry go round trying to sort out my own health, an endless list of symptoms, feeling lost inside, always doing, never relaxing, running away from myself, and getting trapped in societies mistruths around the body and what health and nutrition really is, plus many years studying, researching, and leading trials in London. I finally said yes to me and my vision, and have never looked back!

Not stopping till I found the truth on this health hormone detox and body thing, and tapping into and embodying the awakening my true self once again, that little girl who felt so free in the Devon fields, to just be herself, and now, well,
here we are –

I have healed my endless list of symptoms, all naturally, and all fully, they haven’t returned, and I now I get to inspire motivate educate and empower women like you to do the same, and live a life full of the liberation confidence and inner-peace you dream of, in your body, and around food.

Right in this moment –

I know you have this burning desire inside you to feel your best, to live in a healthy body and feel aligned and connected to yourself, trusting yourself, knowing yourself on a whole other level to most, glowing and expressing your truest self and soul, living free 

I know you dream about just feeling that deep inner-peace and freedom in your body, where you just are confidence, where you can just spread your wings and fly,

You feel different to others, like this yearning wont stop within you to be more of yourself, to keep expanding, growing, healing, learning more about YOU.

To heal.

AND this is so so good, 

But at some point you need to say yes to that, to you

So Gorgeous, let me show you,

JOIN LOVE YOUR BODY TODAY at our super EARLYBIRD offer, ending soon!


It’s happening Friday, Dec 6th at 12NOON UK time! Sign up today to join me live!

‘This programme has been increible, I never thought I could shift my relationship with food so easily”

“I didn’t quite know what to expect from this journey, Arianna’s words just really resonated with me and I felt so sure it was the right step for me. And oh gosh yes it was! I never thought I could so easily shift my relationship with food. Two weeks in I had already adapted my breakfast and dinner meals to something that felt SO good and nourishing and sustaining. And I saw my body change in the mirror without really being focused on “losing weight”. I’m so loving this! I feel so much lighter and so secure in my food choices. What made this possible for me was Arianna’s INCREDIBLE heartfelt support. I felt so supported, so encouraged, so beautifully held in this period of transitioning. Thank you so much Arianna.”

Kathleen, S.

“Perfect for people who think they’ve tried everything and its not delivered…”

“I signed up to work with Ariana because after four years of feeling great, the weight was creeping back on and I couldn’t seem to shift it using the methods that had worked before.  I’d say this programme is perfect for people who think they’ve tried everything and its not delivered the results they are after, for those who are vegan curious, or are ready to try something new thats plant-based, but want to know how to do it properly.  

It’s a great experience for those who have an open mind and want to view their food choices from a whole new perspective.  The programmes are well supported and contain enough material to keep you going long after the course is over.  Thanks Arianna for being courageous enough to stand out from the crowd and to offer something powerfully different in the sea of confusion and frustration that is the food and nutrition industry.  Im looking forward to seeing where this journey leads next.”

Wendy, P.

“I have so much more energy, have had healthy weight loss, a huge boost in brain clairty, I’m feeling and trusting more, and over the last few weeks I’ve also nearly shed all my cravings”

“I first came across Arianna some years back when I was diagnosed with hypothyroid during a very stressful period of my working life. I was determined not to take medication for the rest of my days. As part of that process Arianna’s name popped up, I’d been following her with intrigue. When Arianna talks about food being our medicine, this completely makes sense to me. At a cross roads work wise, I decided to subscribe to Arianna’s online program, this was an amazing program, I have cleared out so much stuff, shed many layers of untruths and let so much fear, worry and self-doubt leave me.

I have so much more energy, have had healthy weight loss, a huge boost in brain clairty, I’m feeling and trusting more, and over the last few weeks I’ve also nearly shed all my cravings for sweet and unhealthy food choices.

I feel as though I’ve final been able to step out of my own way, with Arianna’s guidance everything has become easier, a sense of freedom is unfolding.

I feel the healthiest and ‘clearest’ I’ve felt for many many years and I’m starting to drop back into feeling like the authentic me.

Throughout this process Arianna has been there for me, never judgemental, always honest and so down to earth and approachable. I’m so impressed with my results, Arianna’s integrity and how I now feel in my mind and body, that I’ve now booked onto the ‘Body Awakening Ibiza’ program which will be my next leap forward, Thank you Arianna!!! 💖Much love”

Nikki, P