Today I went running through the woods, dancing with life, feeling the huge shift in energy unity love vibrations rippling through my cells, my heart wide open to life, expanding embrace allowing this opportunity to awaken more and more the magic paradise beauty of this life, barefeet on the earth, feeling mothers resonance of nourishment support unconditional love-the rooting of divinity into earth, yeah baby, heaven on earth is being anchored … I purified my body to paradise by listening to my heart my soul my truth-the jewel of my womb wisdom, not letting the monkey mind chatter, yes bhla bhla bhla very boring, no thank you, I chose paradise, I choose ease, I choose health, not some outdated program telling me ‘oh what will people think’ ‘oh it’ll be to hard with family’ ‘oh what it if doesn’t work’ ‘oh you dont want to go against the rules, its not safe’ such a load of bullshit, be a sacred rebel be bold be couragoues, this is the true human heart, it doesnt give a fuck about rules following the sheep not fitting in, it stands like the Lioness and roars for her justice of walking in hamrny with all beings, of loving her body, of loving herself truly and deeply … knowing this begins in a healthy pure clean mindbody, what will you choose right now?
To settle for fear, or RISE with me in LOVE? 🌿♥️🍃