This was my journey for over a DECADE, it felt like a never-ending story

Until, I investigated, I experimented,
until I embodied the truth of this body, of food

Guess what? I fucking found it,
the JOY BLISS ECSTASY, the Queen revealed herself, the laughter the play the authenticity the freedom the clarity the radiant vibrant next level, the evolved conscious truth of this human temple

it’s oh so very real! feel this Sister💋

How? Evolved🌿Nutrition, I know what you’re thinking, “but I already eat healthy Arianna”, I know, I hear you Beauty, I thought this too, how can there be more?

Why there is SO much more to this food thing? … the protein fat supplements water salt, eat in moderation, green juice/smoothie obsessions, all the fad diets, weight loss shakes, fake food powders, soya toxicity everywhere, and sugar and oil hiding in so much … it’s BS, and keeping us stuck in our bodies!!

What happened next? I stripped it back, totally, back to the core, root, simplicity, truth- what does this body really thrive off?

…pure plant light easily digestible WholeFoods, mucusless and mucus-lean, a soul remembrance happens here, it’s delicious🌸

I also want to let you in on a secret;
once the cellular body is clean and clear, which is 1 area I support my clients with, once the transition has been set- for ease

ONLY and ONLY when a body is clean at this level will you truly know what you need to eat, feel satisfied, feel totally FREE and liberated, and here you will know and Embody how amazing you
CAN feel inside You!

What has your greatest learning been on your nutrition journey so far?

To freedom!
To love!

PS. Some photos of the food I love to eat, that has awakened a body of joy fun authenticity creativity freedom love and peace🌹
…and it can do the same for you too!