The main reason so many don’t lose the weight, and live their dream body vision,
Is because of the fear and self-doubt

Who will I be if I lose the weight and live my body dreams?
What will others think?

We tried so much
That didn’t last, which adds to the doubt
Will anything every work for me?
Or we got so far
and can’t believe it’s actually happening
and we’re feeling better,
Then self-sabotage shows up
In the form of
Pizza pancakes pastries
Cheese cake chocolate
The houses needs doing up
Suddenly something comes up that needs all our attention,
I know, because I’ve been there

We fear the hunger
The dependency of food
We make it harder than it is
Eating equals happiness
But not the inner-happiness
We continue
Waiting to feel good

The not feeling worthy enough to feel our best,

Who am I to feel this good, to want more than others, to want to be my best self?
Who am I to invest in myself?

So we put ourselves down
Failure patterns kick in
And the body health vision
Goes out the window

Who are you Not to want more for yourself and your life?
Who are you Not to want to feel your absolute best in your body?
Who are you Not to invest in yourself?

You are worthy
and you are deserving of more,
To feel your best
and live as the best version of you
In a body you feel at peace in.

The reason you can’t stop thinking
about it
dreaming about it
lying in bed at night wishing for it,
Is because it’s meant for you,
you are meant to feel amazing
In your body

“What you seek, is seeking you” ~ rumi

Let go of the anxieties and fears
the self-doubt
Let yourself have what you dream
Because what you’re wishing for is real,
and has always been real
It’s waiting and ready for you,
It’s your time.

Leave a ⭐️below if you can relate to this? How did you overcome your food and body anxieties? 👇🏻

Love you

Arianna x