The stress I felt in my body for years came from eating way to many acidic foods, parasites, doing to much, controlling to much, using stimulants to keep me up and not listening to my body,

she was always guiding me,
I didn’t listen to her sweet gentle voice of “please help me”👄

I made pleasing everyone
more important than my health
I made always being here there and everywhere more important then being still
I made the opinions of others more important than my own

I asked many questions around stress;
1. What was stressing me?🍫☕️🍷🧀
2. What food reduces stress?🌿🥗🍌
3. What supplements can I take?
4. What is this stress trying to tell me?
5. Maybe everyone’s stressed, is this really normal??? (No)

When we can highlight the stress factors
and take action at reducing and eliminating them, the stress will naturally heal 

My stress increased my cravings lead to adrenal fatigue exhaustion weight gain
then panic attacks, then total hormone imbalance, and autoimmune (all of which is toxicity at a cellular level starting with what we absorb as a baby…till adults!…)

This was all resolved and healed when I started to alkalize my body with the right plants, DETOXED properly, AND reconnect
to the rhythms of natures truth 🥗🌿🍊

I stopped reacting so much
I stopped craving stimulants
I started to feel calmer inside
more relaxed and easy going,
relationships became more peaceful
and my coping mechanism
became so much stronger

Stress doesn’t have to control you
It’s possible to live stress free,
ofcourse we have stressful moments in life, but when our body is at peace inside this stress doesn’t impact you
like it normally would

remove the cause
symptoms go

when you choose to detox the stress
when you choose to alkalise the stress
stress has no home anymore
and freedom reveals itself

Healing the stress means-
healthy weight loss
a new energy
a vibrant liberation
total peace in your body
craving free
food ease
able to hear the inner guidance more clearly, and connect more deeply
to what really lights you up

You can take back your power💃🏻
and rise above it🙌🏻
healing it is a priority❤️
as our life depends on it🙏
it’s worth the time and energy😊
to live free, and be fully free within🎶

this new peaceful energy gets to be your new frequency,
peaceful calm relaxed grounded
living in your heart not your head
and then this gets to feed into your sacred
impact in the world🌏

Go create your dream body
know you can heal!!

Freedom is your birthright Beautiful💖

Arianna x

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