Yesterday I had an early evening bath with sacral chakra essential oils and a nettle tea, with the sound of the ocean coming through my open window under candle light #selflove, and this came through

Back in May I spent 2 months in magical Bali,

On a Thursday afternoon I was hanging out it in one of the hip raw vegan restaurants, I got talking to a guy, he had some beautiful very rare crystals, the energy was wow!!

He asked me “what do you do?”
I replied, “I work with women to transform and heal their thyroid hormone and whole body wellbeing to stand more in their power through using a cellular detox process that gets to the root cause”

…then my massive (I mean massive) plate of raw delights arrived, I finished to saying;

“I’m eating 80% fruit at the moment (as it was so hard not to in Bali as the fruit was so so good so so sweet, nectar from the gods on the island of the gods) and the rest mucus free lean transition lifestyle…”

He said “wow, you’re so grounded”

and this is the point of the whole post,

Grounded is something I never use to be,
I didn’t even understand what it fully meant because I had never really experienced it,

I spent most my life living in my head
in my muddled thoughts, floating about,

flying high Im super all for (mucus free living- is the high life 🦄🌈)
but being anchored rooted into the earth is essential for our healing
for our health
especially our thyroid health!

I learnt how vital it is to be grounded into the body into this human experience to actually make things happen in this reality and have the healthiest physically mental and emotional bodies

Yep on 80% fruit, super grounded,
Fruit has the highest frequency that connects to the core of the earth and the universal cosmos, and why I dive deep with fruit fasting at The Body Awakening Retreats and with private clients,

We get to live in the best of all worlds living mucus free!💎

The thyroid can’t heal unless we are grounded in our body, it’s like we need to be earthed plugged into our core
our centre the earths core
for the energy to flow and heal and reset and for our endocrine glands to regenerate,

the more toxins we remove
the more grounded we become
and the more anchored into our power
we embody

I share more on this in The Natural Secrets To Thyroid Healing & Grounding a free mini live training, Comment below with a blue heart 💙 if you would like it.

Do you feel centered and grounded in your body? I would love to hear what you do to feel grounded!

Arianna x

Photo Bisma-Eight Ubud Bali