Something weird happened today,
it’s happened 3 x this year

I ate fish!

I know, but you’re vegan Arianna, actually beyond vegan, yep,
and I ate a piece of salmon

Ok, so let me share with you what really happened on all these 3 fishy occasions,

all 3 times it’s been around when my body has been going through big upgrades and spiritual shifts

Costa Rica end of last year I was going through deep healing, up-leveling massively, letting go of a relationship that wasn’t serving me, reclaiming my power, stepping up and honoring my needs, learning to love me more!

I asked my soul after coming through some heavy recalibration what it wanted and needed

It said fish!

Today I asked, and got fish and chips 🤣

I’ve been doing a lot of deep upgrade work (a lot is an under statement !!) 🔥🔥🔥

The download was that fish is mutable – (makes senses right, I’m shifting inside and out, soul knows) – between worlds,
it’s flexible adaptable,
and it’s codes can support me in this moment

I’m not saying this is the same for you, we have to tune and listen to our soul and bodies needs

Of course I could have heard fish and chips and gone for a oily salty battered fish and greasy chips and lots of processed sugary sauces, definitely 100% no way would I put that in my body again,
It wouldn’t do me any good!!

But I did go for a baked piece of salmon with a quinoa seaweed cucumber and lemon salad, and only had all fruit smoothies juice till 4pm,

Asking my soul is not intuitive eating, completely different,
I don’t believe in intuitive eating unless your body has been deeply cellular cleansed and reset, the toxins mess with our intuition big time,

exactly why cellular detox enhances and clears all our psychic abilities and upgrades our DNA and body, and life

I ate the fish as if I was in ceremony,
I blessed it with loved
I gave deep appreciation and gratitude,
it felt so healing

I absolute 100% believe that certain foods at certain times eaten in a certain way with deep gratitude energy — unlock more of our truth potential power clarity and freedom to rise and shift

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Love you!

Arianna x