the mermaid avatar, Saturday swims! 

Have you got the mermaid in you too?

I AM fearless of the depths and growth,

and will not tolerate a surface way of living

I have not come here to merely exist

I’ve come here to shake up the world and 

show my fellow humans the difference between 

breathing and BEing fully ALIVE in this body

I will go to the depths to be the love feel the love 

give the love embody the love I AM, YOU ARE, WE ARE

Right now, it’s a soul remembrance of your divine nature

divine by nature- does not settle for struggle pain ill-health 

a toxic life excuses waiting, no none of it Beauty! Are you?

She rises above it, doe’s what she has to breakthrough …

We women are the warriors of this Earth, the men need us to rise,

to unify in our sacred hearts, no more blaming, 

no more hiding your feminine warrior magic,

be the change, ask Divine Mother to penetrate your cells with 

unconditional love!

How are you feeling your powerhouse mermaid Beauty?

Awaken to your divine body love

now is the holy moment to rise,

it’s always now, only now.

Love you!