I have received this awakening of energy at the base of my spine numerous times since addressing the foods I was putting into my body, detoxing decades of toxicity and healing my sexual traumas 

the potential in this body is so overlooked, when truly cleansed purified detoxed of the toxicity – physical emotional energetic, a vibrant balanced alive you comes back online Beautiful

we can all access this level of creative energy through practical steps with our eating habits and eliminating the waste within, the mucus parasites old emotions are key to eliminate, this set me free!!!

when you alkalise the body with a method that is proven to support you, that has a foundation, that clears cellular obstruction, you will naturally get lasting results…

a clean body 

means clear pathways

which means energy can move 

which means excess weight shift’s

which means Lasting Weight-Loss FREEDOM

the opportunity we all have is to clear the inner obstruction, when you give this your focus, you are free

by cleaning your body with…

🌿alkalizing whole plant foods (pH)

🌿healing the body, acidic➡️alkaline 

🌿hydrating your cellular body with fruit and veggie waters (closest structure water to that of the human body-total anti-ager)

🌿apply the process of cellular regeneration (our Body Awakening Reset Method gives you)

🌿cleaning the body of toxic emotional imprints through cellular detox & repairing the liver kidneys gut glands 

🌿set a foundation that feels supportive and nourishing, weaving detox with ease (understood through TBAR method)

no longer is that weight that stress those sugar cravings holding you back!

you have cleared your body temple of gunk and now you rise up and live your dreams my Beauty magical Queen of limitless possibility and freeeedom 

the solution is simple, yet because of all the nonsense we have been feed by the food industry, the truth seems far out, when it’s actually clarity, taking you to paradise

Sometimes, well actually very often, we have to stretch a little to move beyond our beliefs around food health this body 

to come to a new body-soul horizon 

THAT IS FREEDOM my darling 

Love you!