When did you last do an emema? Do they freak you out? I spent the weekend resetting, having spent a few years doing deep cellular regeneration, I now maintain and sustain clear vibrant health by my foundation and these mini resets, I love them, feels so empowering to be in charge of our well-being

once the foundation is set, BOOM! Freedom prevails!

you ride the wave of liberation of self-love! It gets easy!

It’s not about if you like cleansing, detoxing doing enemas, or not, the body NEEDS THEM to heal and maintain and sustain optimal health, so you can feel your best and create a life you love from within 

for 3 years I continued to get large parasites out of my body on nearly every cleanse I did, when your channels are clear you’ll feel clear light fresh alive 

the colon holds all our fears and insecurities, old emotions and why we don’t want it building up with waste as this just recirculates inside the body, clean colon clear mind clear body clear life clear vision!

call on the light within you, through purifying the body aligning the hormones, and radiate your divinity love💓

we’ve become experts at escaping the inner world, now it’s time to Go Within, or Go without, we all know what we need to do, but the question is, are you doing it? are you listening, or are you resisting the call?

what we resist persists! the river resists nothing, and why it flows so effortlessly through life, nature knows.

It’s not about proving anything, it’s about improving, 

so below so above, so within so without …

a stagnant colon means many things; a few being – weight gain exhaustion brain fog joint pain anxiety stress bloating cravings frustration fear holding back 

we must tone clean cleanse detox purify regenerate our organs and glands, they determine our health our happiness our thoughts our relationships our purpose


the art of living well-healthy, is the call … so, do you answer the call Goddess?♥️🌹♥️


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