Vibrant healthy New Year blessings to you!

A powerfully awakening journey through a healthy liver, did you know Liver = Life, 

it filters lifeblood, a clean liver is a clear mind energized body open heart balanced hormones healthy clear frequency, which is everything, we are the frequency …

Are you loving on your liver? 

I spent years abusing my liver with alcohol smoking unhealthy relationships and emotions, I came to see and understand how the suppressed emotions of anger frustration started to block my energy flow make my head feel foggy unclear and I started to feel disconnected from my authenticity and innate feminine power

… so let’s clean up the liver the centre of the heart, open the heart and anchor into a truly healthy high frequency body mind heart, all one, where clarity focus energy trusting being authentic, and knowing we are safe to be different unique and high frequency, and from this place – create magic together on Earth #unity

Does your liver need attention? 

these are the signs I found most pressing that my liver needed love through cleaning …

– brain fog, stress, anxiety 

– weight gain/excess weight on thighs hips belly 

– emotions of irritation anger frustration, cravings 

– Hormonal imbalances, hypothyroid, skin 

– vaccinations drugs lots of alcohol smoking

– 2 lines inside eye brows 

– eating non-organic food, fried foods, animal foods lots of fatty foods, dairy

– sluggishness exhaustion apathy 

– negative thoughts over-thinking scattered unclear 

– feels hard to give receive feel love

– energetic walls around your heart-feels closed 

– dark circle under eyes (liver thyroid kidneys)

– barriers around your mind (feel limited)

– Medication use of any kind 

– oral injection implant contraception methods 

– drinking tap water, lots caffeine  

– eating raw fish 



the power is in loving this organ unconditionally, and here you tap into a path of self-forgiveness (the ultimate liberation) through rebirthing through #selflove #selfrespect 

Is your liver living, Or just about surviving? 

Have you ever properly cleaned your liver?