If we ever talk,
hang out,
become friends,
work together,
or interact in anyway,
I will not
even for a minute
buy into the story,
that you’ve tried everything
(I once thought I had, and found out there is ALWAYS more, no matter what level you’re at with your health)

…ask my clients,

we’re quantum beings,
what one thinks and believes affects the other, I believe anything is possible.

I will not buy into your story that maybe you’re just not cut out for your body dreams or vibrant alive health
Or that you need to check with your astrology chart before taking action
Or whatever excuse that robs you of your power

Because what I know for sure,
deep in my heart my soul
Is that that women (you)
she’s already there (on another timeline)
she’s living her body dreams of …

vibrant health, VITALITY💓
10-30lbs lighter
her ideal body shape
confident in her body
radiant and glowing
embodied and grounded
centered and calm
liberated and at home in herself (this is what’s possible for you, and you can do it!)
launching that course
writing that book
going to her next level in business
creating freedom for herself
getting on with her mission

Whatever it is you’re doing, expanding into – you are deeply needed in this world – and more supported than you could ever imagine

Your wisdom
Your vitality
Your energy
Your story
Your knowledge
Your experience
Your results,
Are needed right now in this moment,

And my Beautiful friend
You’ve spent months
YEARS dreaming in your vision of the body health and life you desire

So it’s time for you to stop the madness
stop shrinking you and your vision
When you know deep in your heart you’re capable of SO much more

Whatever you think is standing in your way
The doubt
The fear
The past
The opinions of others
The family
put that to one side,

there’s always away, but we have to be willing to leap sometimes, to get things moving, faith, trust, I can, I will

And think about this for a minute:

😘How much more could you be creating and getting done if you were free of your weight gain, exhaustion, pain, brain fog, anxiety?

Feel this, how much of your precious energy focus and joy are your symptoms taking from you? Write it down, see it for what it is

😘How is this serving you when YOU Know in your soul you don’t need to put up with this?

😘How would your life change if you eliminated even 1 of your symptoms i.e. the exhaustion, the stress, the weight?

😘How do you think you’d wake up feeling when the alarm goes off if the above symptom had gone?

It’s your responsibility
to get our of your own way
And be a stand for your truth and those around you

Start being honest
Get clear on how you want to feel in your body
Do whatever it takes

What’s average to you,
my energized, bright, flexible, confident, free and thriving body and feeling passionately alive and motivated ❤️
Is outstanding to others

You don’t need to be perfect
You just need to start
Step by step

Your health is a direct mirror of your willingness to get uncomfortable, transformation doesn’t come from comfortable

Quit delaying the desires of your precious soul
calling you to live free in your body 🔥

The Body Awakening Ibiza