Are your kidneys filtering? Is life flowing or feeling stagnant? Do you feel energised or sluggish and tired? your kidneys hold the KEY.

these babies are the core to our ENERGY flow and vitality, life-force is fed to the kidneys by the health of our sexual organs and sacral energy centre, the source of our powerhouse strength 

when this area is healthy vibrant aligned balanced, we feel at home in our sexuality, confident in our feminine body, sensual embodied glowing creative centred, we love and live fearlessly in our truth, listening WITHIN to the voice of wisdom, knowing

over the last 2 years I’ve done over 11,000 hours of dry fasting, I got hooked with it, why? because I started seeing outrageously exciting results in not only my physical health, but my mental emotional and spiritual health, all is interconnected as one

dry fasting, cellular detoxing and hydration through mucus-free-lean whole plant foods has been key to the healing of my kidneys and activation and sustaining of boundless energy, INNER peace and strength! 

LIFE awakens here Beauty! let your kidneys LIVE!

now a part of my daily life, it’s a way of living ALIVE, healthy kidneys, a healthy body, a healthy mind, balanced emotions all mean a CLEAN body, a clear TEMPLE, attention to your inner organs and glands, means we heal-we embody freedom!

as I am healed, all are healed, as I am lifted, all are lifted, you are fractal of the whole, THAT’S how important your WELL-BEING is, so what are you resisting? fearing? the unknown? the change? 

I hear you love, the unknown the change the fear it all really means, freedom, go BEYOND, the unknown is only temporary, change is a natural part of life if we want to transform and live our ultimate true-Self, truly listening WITHIN means liberation from frustrating painful cycles and habits

So, what are those kidneys saying today? I want to feel calm and peaceful emotionally, energised and alive in my physical body? YES! and you can!

You choose the direction of your life, BE the empowered one to take charge of your HEALTH.

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