For so long I feed the emotion the negativity the pain the drama, now I know better, 

I know that what we feed grows

so feed what you want to grow, not what you don’t, nourish water love care for what you want and dream about 

my thoughts my actions my energy is my daily focus, how can I project the highest into the field … of joy hope health peace possibility happiness truth freedom expansion abundance LOVE, for all

first I had to clear my body, I had to get out what was causing me to be off centre, the stuff that was getting in the way of my intuition knowing energy purpose potential health clarity and freedom 

…the brain fog sugar cravings exhaustion excess weight hormonal imbalances anxiety stress, was a result of an acidic blocked up stagnant body just asking to be cleaned

I know there’s so much bhla out there, and it all gets so confusing, you get analysis paralysis, use a quantum sieve to filter the BS, what sounds different, goes against the grain, challenges the health and food industry 

It’s the path less travelled that is the path, I chose to shake up my inner world, to shake up my toxic outer world and transform from within by not conforming to any rules around nutrition and health, and why what I live and breath now is a joy, flow freedom empowerment in this divine feminine body temple 

Feed the joy in your life, feed your dreams, do whatever you need to do to make it happen, don’t hold back one bit, go all in, what is possible is limitless when you let go of what you think you know to be ‘right’ or believe, challenge your beliefs, challenge it all

I’ve challenged so much in myself to breakthrough, and it’s been sure uncomfortable, temporarily, and the path to liberation! Oh so so worth it all! we don’t get what we want, we get what we take action towards, what we focus on, what we feel and radiate

Be bold

Be free

Be limitless 

Be courageous

…this is what you are made of love.

Love you!

PS. Ready to anchor in your vision of healthy and empowered in your divine feminine body of love and liberation? The Body Awakening Reset program is open for application, private message me if you are interested to find out if it’s for you!