For so long I thought ‘how can it still be about the food’ – I’m eating healthy, what they tell me to out there in the books documentaries health shops nutrition college university, the so called health food diets – all industries, and this was just it,

I was following misinformation, everyone was eating healthy including me, but I was still feeling tired foggy unclear toxic craving anxious stressed, and so was everyone else around me, Industries not set out to heal but suppress this human body, it’s always about the nutrition, even when you think it’s not, it’s about the nutrition, I can guarantee you, because when the foundation is truly set, all dis-ease goes the fear will go the confusion frustration lack of certainty will all go, and so will they excess excess weight exhaustion cravings anxiety hypothyroidism hashimotos autoimmune issues, it will all go, because when nutrition is implemented at the root, as it’s meant to be, dis-ease is not possible, there’s no place for dis-ease, and health is a given, and a lasting, it’s all in the food you’re eating–not eating.

When I surrendered my ego and 5 years of studying, a total let go-reset-relearn to remember my truth, even after 5 years of health brainwash in the education system, then a new doorway opened, one called body and life freedom, by cellular alkalizing🌱

Are you ready to open that fresh new doorway to your freedom and ultimate body and life liberation?